Every Monday night for as long as I can remember my friends and I get together to watch The Bachelor (or The Bachelorette).  We rotate hosting and last week was my turn. The promise of a glass of wine and some girl time really gets me through the Monday blues.
We have a beautiful antique marble top table right off the couch/seating area and it's the perfect spot for setting up a drink/snack station. This set-up takes just a few minutes to throw together which makes weeknight hosting extra simple. 

I took these photos before everyone arrived so the appetizers and wine weren't out yet. I stock up on easy appetizers from the Trader Joes freezer section because I don't want to cook more after making dinner (it's on from 8-10pm) and I can easily throw more into the oven halfway through the show.

I hoard these Caspari pagoda plates since they are discontinued but it's fun to put them out every once in a while! I plan to get the coordinating pagoda placemats soon. 

The tartan ice bucket is perfect for the winter months as it makes the set-up a little more cozy.

Macarons are an easy and fun sweet treat! 

And lastly I have quite the assortment of napkins but these navy monogrammed ones from our wedding are some of my favorite.
Do you do something similar with your friend group?!


Ashley Wissel said...

I love getting together with my girlfriends to watch The Bachelor! We don't get to do it every week, but certainly make it a point to do it for the finales!!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Trader Joe's overwhelms me, so I rarely go in there, but I had the frozen macarons at book club last week and am now obsessed!