Friday Five

Happy Friday!! I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from the past week with you.
1. I started decorating for my favorite excuse to make the house all girly in pink, Valentine's day! I love this 'Be Mine' balloon banner from Target! (only $5 and oh so cute!)
Valentines Day Balloon Banner
2. I added some tulips and teal striped candles (I found them in store for $2.50!) to the mantle to brighten things up a bit. We previously had the gray striped ones for the holiday season.
3. I had the opportunity to go to a special preview luncheon this week at the new Container Store here in Sacramento. We love to keep our house organized and the store has something for everyone! If you are in the area I highly suggest you check out their grand opening this weekend! 
Their selection of pretty boxes is truly amazing!
4. If you remember the first project I did for the our new house was to make a shower curtain. It has been almost a year now since then and we finally grew tired of the color. I've had my eye on these fringe curtains from Target for a while (I originally wanted them for the living room but they didn't work) and realized they would be perfect in the bathroom! The color of the fringe goes really well with our sage green cabinets.
Close-up detail of the fringe:

5. And lastly, we finally finished watching all ten Oscar nominated movies for Best Picture. I loved the Big Short, but I really hope Leo finally wins his best actor award. Which was your favorite? I can't wait to dress up and throw a little Oscar viewing party!
Linking up with A.Liz Adventures! Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Every Monday night for as long as I can remember my friends and I get together to watch The Bachelor (or The Bachelorette).  We rotate hosting and last week was my turn. The promise of a glass of wine and some girl time really gets me through the Monday blues.
We have a beautiful antique marble top table right off the couch/seating area and it's the perfect spot for setting up a drink/snack station. This set-up takes just a few minutes to throw together which makes weeknight hosting extra simple. 

I took these photos before everyone arrived so the appetizers and wine weren't out yet. I stock up on easy appetizers from the Trader Joes freezer section because I don't want to cook more after making dinner (it's on from 8-10pm) and I can easily throw more into the oven halfway through the show.

I hoard these Caspari pagoda plates since they are discontinued but it's fun to put them out every once in a while! I plan to get the coordinating pagoda placemats soon. 

The tartan ice bucket is perfect for the winter months as it makes the set-up a little more cozy.

Macarons are an easy and fun sweet treat! 

And lastly I have quite the assortment of napkins but these navy monogrammed ones from our wedding are some of my favorite.
Do you do something similar with your friend group?!


Growing up my mother collected the most beautiful gemstones. I remember oohing and ahhing over them and proudly showing them off to my friends. As an adult I love filling our bookshelves with accents of coral, gemstones, geodes and even beautiful shells.
I recently discovered the Mapleton Drive shop in One Kings Lane and it had me swooning over every.single.piece. The gemstones are beautiful and they are paired with brass, Lucite or bright glossy boxes. Each one is totally fabulous. A few of my Lucite favorites:

lucite geode box
1, 2, 3

While I would love to have any of the items from the collection I just couldn't justify the $100+ price tag.  I was at Hobby Lobby the other day picking up supplies for another DIY project and I came across a Lucite box with an a pink agate slice for less than $10! Sold! Perfect for a bedside jewelry catchall.

agate slice box

I am thinking of attempting to do a DIY box for the living room too! There is a Container Store opening up in our area soon and I know they have the perfect box. Just need to find another gemstone to use!


When we purchased our home we knew a kitchen upgrade was inevitable but we really wanted to live in it for a while before deciding what to do. Now that we are coming up on our one year homeowners anniversary we feel ready to tackle it! I am so glad we waited because what we thought we wanted to do last year (changing the layout) is not what we will be doing now. We actually love the current layout!
I've always wanted a marble countertop and a few days ago we made that dream a reality and purchased our marble slab! Our house is 90 years old this year and I am looking forward to the character that the marble will bring to the space.
Here is my kitchen inspiration:
marble kitchen
kitchen refresh
The Plan
Because our cabinets are mostly the style I want anyway; we plan to just repaint them. I am thinking charcoal gray for the lower cabinets and white for the uppers with an all white subway tile backsplash. An apron front sink is a must have and after an extensive search I've picked out the one we need. Fingers crossed it will come off backorder soon! I fell in love with colonial style bin pulls (like the ones in the middle picture above) for the cabinet hardware and a bridge-style kitchen faucet. I love that our laundry room (which is right off the kitchen) has an original bridge-style faucet too. Right now we have a hanging pot rack and I plan to have wall-mounted ones made instead. I think that's about it.. I'm so excited to share our progress and the final outcome!