Maui Outfits

We've been home from Maui for a little over a week now (and fully recovered from the need to have a post-vacation vacation) so I thought I would share a few favorite photos from our trip.

love those beachy blues!

While we were there, one of my main objectives was to take frame-worthy photos of CWF and I on the beach. We have very few photos of us together (with the exception of wedding photos, but who wants a whole house full of wedding photos?!) so it was important to me to get a some good ones. Before the trip I purchased a tripod and remote to make it all happen. My step-dad was also very kind to teach me how to make my own flower crown with flowers common to Hawaii.

My flower crown in all its glory! I also attached a few white hibiscus stems to a bobby pin and placed them behind my ear for another look. I ended up wearing it with this dress:

lilly pulitzer dusk dress
Lilly Pulitzer 'Dusk' dress
At the beginning of our trip there was several hurricanes nearby making the waves especially big. We enjoyed watching all of the surfers.

lilly pulitzer dress maui
Lilly Pulitzer dress, old (Same dress in navy blue)
Pretty much every day I made myself a variation of a pina colada and enjoyed it watching the waves from the lanai. My very loose recipe if you are feeling in the island mood:
In the blender place:
- four or five ice cubes
-1 banana
-1/3 of a pineapple
- 3 tsp coconut cream
- splash of soy milk
- 1 shot of rum
 Blend and enjoy!
Right outside my in-law's condo is a reef where a lot of turtles hang out. CWF snapped this outfit picture with the cutest photo-bomber in the back!
Love the Lilly Buttercup shorts!
If you hangout near the rockwall long enough you can also spot black crabs scurrying about. The sunsets are killer down there too.

This trip was much more relaxed than our previous trips as we mostly went to the beach, but it was just what we needed! I plan to put together a Maui Recommendations post soon, so keep an eye out!

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Christine @ Suburban Charm said...

Fabulous outfits! Love all of your Lilly! Glad you had a relaxing time....xo