Guest Room Reveal

A while back I posted about redecorating our guest room from what was formally my closet/craft room and I wanted to give you all an update of where I am at with it now.

I have to admit it's not really like the the inspiration collage- I had originally wanted the room to have a more neutral color scheme, but then I realized that I would have to store the things I already have and buy some new things and I'm not ready for that. The only thing I ended up buying for this room were the curtains and I spent less than $20 on that DIY project. One day down the road I hope I can make the room a bit more neutral, but for now here it is:

My grandmother's sewing machine is under the sequin tablecloth. In the old days you could buy them attached to a sewing table.

My favorite green bedside table! It was on super clearance at target a while back.

I kept the bookshelf with all my purses in it because I can't figure out a better way to store them. Hopefully I'll get around to painting it soon (maybe a light gray?!).

The pillows are Matouk and the bedspread is from Horchow. Love the look of the pillows, but I don't love having to iron them after washing.

I was having a really hard time getting a good picture of the curtains I DIY'ed. I wanted something with a Greek key pattern but wasn't having any luck so I just made them myself. I'll share a tutorial soon.

I love that I can recover this chair super quickly depending on what the room decor is.

And here is the room through the wall to wall mirrors (aka closet doors) that are on the opposite side of the bed:

I've had a lot of fun putting this room together. When my grandparents came for the weekend they stayed in here and seemed to like it. There are a bunch of large trees right outside the window so it's a peaceful space.
Since this room is 'done for now' I've been working hard on our Master Bedroom, which is proving to be much more of a challenge. I'll be honest, this room has always been my area to decorate as I wish. The master bedroom however is a space which CWF needs to love as well so it's more of a compromise. Wish me luck!!!


Veronica Lee Burns said...

This is so sweet, I'm sure any guest will find themselves happy in there!

Glitterista said...

Love those curtains! :)