Pleated Tablecloth

I've mentioned before that I'm on a bit of a re-decorating kick. Luckily for us, this past weekend we got our long awaited new queen bed! That means that our old bed + frame went to the guest room, which leaves a lot to be desired in the master. Since it's sort of a clean slate I'm looking forward to the final outcome. One project I hope to tackle soon is the bedside table. We are using a beautiful gold leaf round side table from my grandma which I love, but doesn't exactly fit in with my new plans. Instead of buying something new I want to make a tablecloth to cover it!
Here is the inspiration:

I am hoping to enlist my Nana (surprise!) when she come to visit in a few weeks for help. Can't wait to share the final result!
If you are also in the market, but unwilling to do something custom, I found this 108 inch burlap beauty at a fraction of the price I've seen elsewhere:

If only I had somewhere to put it!
 UPDATE: Society Social now carries them too in 25+ colors!!


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