Thanksgiving Tree

Happy Thanksgiving week!
Growing up my parents always had this cute little 'Thanksgiving Tree' in our dining room. During the month of November we had to add leaves to the tree, and each leaf was different, one said 'Grandma' with her picture and another one might say 'House' with a picture of our house. It was a cute way to be thinking of all the things we were thankful for throughout the month up until Thanksgiving.
This year, I thought CWF and I could start a new family tradition with our own little Thanksgiving Tree.
And here it is! I know it's not much but I think its the thought that counts! I just scavenged some twigs from the yard and put them in this old bottle I had lying around. Then on Thanksgiving when everyone is over I'm going to have them add (glittered) leaves to it and say what they are thankful for.
We have so much to be thankful for this year, and I can't wait to see the tree with all it's leaves!
Do you have any fun (new or old) Thanksgiving family traditions?


Portuguese Prepster said...

Love this idea! very sweet tradition.

Lauren said...

I love the Thanksgiving banner!