I've heard that once you turn 27, are unmarried, with no children and have a cat you are automatically a crazy cat lady, so I figured I might as well embrace it and throw a party for Mr. Kitty's 5th birthday!Honestly, I can't think of a better reason to get dressed up, decorate, invite all my friends over and drink lots of wine on a random Wednesday night!
The invite I sent out via Paperless Post:

The table for drinks and utensils
Mr. Kitty looking quite dapper in his bowtie (and maybe slightly annoyed)

 CWF frosted the cat cookies. I found an Abyssinian cookie cutter on esty (but they have most all cat and dog breeds!)

Cake from Whole foods, too bad his name is Mr. Kitty! 

Macaroons and chocolate covered pretzels!
 Mini sandwiches too!
About to 'blow' out the candle!
The trick to a successful party with a happy cat is to feed him cat treats constantly!! Haha! I have to admit this whole thing was a bit ridiculous but all in good fun!

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Cori @ Everyday Enchanted said...

I meet all the crazy cat lady requirements! haha! Happy Birthday Mr. Kitty!

Portuguese Prepster said...

omg the cake! and the details! this is sooo cute!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I meet all those requirements as well. Oh well! I'm completely embracing it! I love my sweet kitty so much, and it's so much fun to spoil her and buy her cute little girly collars. :) She's my baby, what can I say? Sounds like a GREAT reason for a party! haha

Lauren said...

I love it so much that your cat has on a bow tie! Looks like a great party!


PinkSenshi said...

Oh my gosh this is too cute! I have a cat at home and I just adore her :)


I just found your blog and I love it! I am now following :)