Amanda C. Bee

I recently received the most beautiful illustration of CWF and I from Amanda C. Bee!  Since it's from  our May NYC trip, it will be a perfect reminder of our wonderful vacation!
It was originally 2 different photos- we were actually standing in front of the blue door at Per Se and we had another of us in front of the Central Park fountain. I really liked the idea of blending the 2 photos together! And I LOVED how it turned out!
I think this would make a wonderful bridal shower/ wedding gift as her prices are very reasonable (the largest size is less than $100) and she does the illustration from a photo.
I can't wait to frame and hang it! XO


Christine said...

So pretty and so chic! I want one done!



Miss Mary said...

I love this! So pretty!!

In the Pink said...

What a great picture! I love her work!