Estée Lauder and Lilly Pulitzer

Estée Lauder and Lilly Pulitzer teamed up to bring us all Limited Edition gift with purchases. I don't know about you, but I love a good GWP, especially a Lilly GWP! Each department store has their own Lilly print makeup bag with filled with different goodies, so there are a bunch to choose from (and to collect!).

Check out ChicProfile for more details on the products included and minimum purchase requirements.

Which print is your favorite? I have a Jubilee dress in the luscious print, so I might have to get that one from the Estée Lauder website!!



Portuguese Prepster said...

I think the Bloomies one is my favorite but considering how much make up I'm always buying I don't know if I can justify getting something Estee Lauder just for the gift! but I'll probably give into temptation

Unknown said...

So pretty! Thank you for this post, I have a friend that will appreciate it a great deal :)

Ametis Bassir said...

So cute! Thank you for doing this post because I've been searching for a store that isn't sold out of the gift!


TLF said...

Ahhh.. LOVE. I'm gonna have to snag myself one!

SHF said...

I just posted about this too! The Bay (a department store here in Canada) has the same one as Macy's. I wish we also had the Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom options!