Sheridan French Spring 2013

Happy Thursday!! 

Today is the launch of Sheridan French's spring 2013 line. Have you heard of Sheridan French? I hope so, because her creations are divine!!!! I was introduced by one of my favorite bloggers, BLC at TCSK

I wore one of her tunic dresses in Maui, and have done several other posts as well (1, 2). Here are my spring favorites:

Loving this pattern!

Elizabeth Shift Dress in Bold India Floral

Perfect for any Republican girl out there!

Calypso Tunic in Elephant

How chic would this tunic be with white pants? 

Etta Sleeveless Tunic in Blue India Floral

Are you loving everything as much as I am??! Spring weather, hurry up!!


Black + White

I've heard that black and white are really 'in' right now. I'm not a huge fan of black (navy is my color) but since it's winter and I'm a working girl, I thought I would embrace it for the office. A few recent outfits:


You know me and my love for bows! One of my favorite Elizabeth McKay dresses!

LOVE these Lilly toile pants!

And today's outfit:
White felted wool skirt, black tights and sweater. Black and white button down. 

Have you been wearing black and white too?

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2013

 Have you all checked out the new Lilly spring line that came out today? I am pretty much dying over everything!!

My plan for spring will be to wear an outfit similar to this everyday!

The lace detail on this dress is stunning!

Pearl Dress loving it in the other patterns too!

This dress and pattern are so retro! Reminds me of something my mom wore!

  and I'm dying over this print/skirt! It's mint julep cups!

and lastly, how perfect are these pink and green pearls?!

Are you dying over everything too?! What are your faves??


Bar Cart

 I'm a bar cart type of girl. What Lilly girl isn't?! 

I just love to entertain and drink fun cocktails out of girly glasses!

Unfortunately my current place doesn't have the space needed for a bar cart.  

So, I improvise! 

It's the perfect way to add a little fun to a small space or if a brand new bar cart is not in your budget. 

What you will need:
-tray (mine is from target, but I've seen them everywhere these days)
-fun glasses 
-pretty napkins and coasters
-straws and swizzle sticks
-barware (martini shaker, ice bucket or anything else)
-alcohol of choice

The best spot for my bar tray was across from the dinning table, under the stairs on this under used chair. If you have a credenza or sideboard in your dinning room that would be perfect too!

Do you have a bar cart or a bar tray??!


Go-To Outfit

My secret to looking put-together at work during the day; picking out my outfit the night before. I can take all the time I want perfecting my outfit before bed, and when I wake up I can just throw it on and be out the door in minutes! Well, sometimes I am exhausted at night and can't bring myself to do one more thing before bed. And that's where my 'go-to outfits' come in! No matter how groggy I am in the morning, I know there's an old tried and true favorite that will be perfect for work!

J.Crew cashmere // J.Crew Button Down // Kate Spade Purse // Jessica Simpson pumps

 Throw on a cape, perfect for this chilly weather! and Volia! Dressed in seconds!

 Kate Spade Cape 

What are your 'go-to outfits'??!

New York State of Mind

In a few months, we are headed back east for a West Point graduation and a NYC visit. We will be staying at this amazing penthouse in Times Square. I can't hardly wait!

Photo of Broadway
Great room
Photo of Broadway
One of the bedrooms
Photo of Broadway
Rooftop Deck
So, what are your must-do's in NYC? I've done all the tourist-y things already (this will be my 6th or 7th trip) and shopping is a given.. but what else do I have to have on my itinerary?? Spill it!!


Lipstick Favorites

I'm a lip product junkie and I'm always on the lookout for that next perfect balm/gloss/lipstick! Here are a few of my favorites:

Epicuren Chapstick- Literally THE BEST Chapstick I have ever found. Forget Burt's Bees or Chapstick Brand, they aint got nothing on this stuff! If you can find a local place that carries it (try a spa) you will end up buying it in bulk (we do!) and it's SOO worth it!

Smashbox High Shine Gloss- Current favorite gloss! Really enjoying the color and it looks great layered on another lipstick. I have the 'firecraker' color.

Sugar Fresh- Great moisturizer balm with color! I've tried the other colors but I like 'Passion' the best. 

Chanel Lipstick- There's just something so special about wearing Chanel lipstick on a date night! I highly recommend. 

Tarte Lipsurgence- My workday favorite! Very moisturizing and soft, natural-looking color. I have the 'Pouty' color.

What are your favorites? Any 'must-haves' that I'm missing?!


Backup Battery

One of my favorite stocking stuffers from Christmas was the mobile backup iPhone battery from J.Crew.. It has saved my {battery} life many times! 

So, I was more than thrilled to find out that Lilly now has them too! Of course, I love all the pretty new patterns! And a true lifesaver for those of us who are glued to our phones!
iPhone Mobile Battery, Lucky Charms (Blue)
 Found at The Pink Pelican

Do you have a backup battery?



As you all know, 2013's color of the year is Emerald. I am obviously a huge fan of green, as it looks perfect paired with pink! 

The Lilly Pulitzer emerald somerset dress is super versatile and can be worn in many seasons.  How cute would it be paired with pink wellies?! Or later with sandals and a hot pink bag?!

I'm linking up with {amv} for Friday's Fancies!

How are you wearing your Emerald this year??


The Desk Chair

I'm in the hunt for a new chair which will be used at my sewing machine in my closet/craft room. These are my current favorites:

This one is my top choice.. that bow.. I DIE

The classic ghost chair, how could you go wrong?

And the Chippendale chair, I grew up with these so they have a special place in my heart!
Colorful Chippendale Chairs from ada & darcy

What is your favorite chair? Any amazing ones I am missing??

Mr. Kitty Monday

Mr. Kitty has been out-of-control cute lately! I just can't help but sharing these :) I swear I am not a crazy cat lady ;)

he is a pillow steal-er!

sleeping on my lap! 

helping with the laundry!

watching the water drip!

So very tiny!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! XOXO

Friday Favorties

 Happy Friday! This week has really thrown me for a loop and I am SO ready for a nice weekend!

A few of my favorite things from this week:

I am pretty pleased with how cute my outfits turned out this week, esp since I put in zero effort :)
Chambray + black pants + leopard + monogram + turquoise = Casual Friday perfection!

White wool skirt with navy and light pink!

Turquoise, hot pink and gold!

NYE dinner outfit! Lilly Wilda dress tucked into a top!

My new neon walking shoes! Perfect for taking a walking/chatting break during work!

Our current hot chocolate routine.. Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate (the best) and Kahlua Peppermint Mocha, seriously the best combo for a cold day!

And of course, the Lilly Pulitzer Sale!!

Did anyone snag any good deals??!

Happy Weekend-ing! XOXO