Monday Blues

Happy Monday lovelies! I had an amazing weekend, I hope you all did as well! To say I am exhausted today would be a complete understatement! Oh well, I guess it's just a sign of a life well lived :)

This is my "It's Monday and I'm too tired to pick out an outfit so throw on some basics and a fun murfee" outfit!

Skirt: J.Crew (from this post) // Sweater: J.Crew // Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer (similar) // Watch: Michele // Bracelet: Kate Spade

I went to the Cal vs. UCLA game on Saturday, which of course was a blast!

Yesterday I was invited on a boat in the SF Bay to watch the Blue Angels and America's Cup! I literally took 1,000 pictures so I'll be sharing those soon :) but here's a little preview for those not following me on instagram:

And because I love you all, I found this iPhone app that where you can make simple monogram backgrounds. It's called '3intials' or you can just search monograms. 




Merry Wife said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. :) I love that murfee on you!

Jessica @ O. Alouette said...

Love your scarf!!

Emily Anne said...

That murfee is so presh! The shoes are my favorite part of your ensemble!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I've used the 3 initials app too!