My Fall Lust List

Happy Thursday!! Hope you all are having a great week so far!

Every season I try to put together a list of items that my closet "needs" to make sure I stay on track with my purchases. It makes it much easier to say no to a "must have now! item" while out shopping! Here's mine for fall:

1. Basic wool skirt, J.Crew City Miniperfect for us petite gals!
2. Fun bracelets, loving the leopard and this sparkly chain one by J.Crew
3. Cute printed scarf, this one from JCrew or a Lilly Murfee 
4. Quilted flats, these Tory Burch's are TDF and I can wait to get my hands on them!!
5. A Colorful jacket, I have so many neutral jackets that this year I would love to add a pink one to my collection!


preppylove said...

I love it all! I really really want the hot pink peacoat!


Tory Banknell said...

I'm obsessed with the pink J.Crew peacoat too, I tried it on in the store and haven't stopped thinking about it. I think it needs to be on my birthday wish list!

Chelsea Melrose said...

All items are super cute!! I love the pink pea coat!

Madilene Lake said...

Love those so much - especially the wool skirt!

Merry Wife said...

That pink coat is amazing. :)

Portuguese Prepster said...

I just picked up the leopard bracelet form J.Crew and am so in love with it!