Garden Tour

This past weekend to celebrate Mother's Day I went on a fabulous garden tour with CWF's mom. The tour took place in the East Bay area where CWF and I grew up. Most of the homes had gorgeous views of the area and had extras like tennis courts, several pools, cars on display and much more. It was such a nice and relaxing way to spend the day!

Outfit details: Lilly dress (similar), chanel sunnies, Lilly Sandals

View of Mt. Diablo

CWF's mom and I

Pretty walkways

One of the houses on the tour was owned by a little old man, who liked me so I got to sit in one of his Ferraris! 

Pretty view of the golf course

I'm trying to convince CWF's parents to be apart of the tour next year, their home and garden is just as fab!

I hope you all are having a great week so far! XOXO


Lindsay said...

Love the dress girl! :)

preppylove said...

A garden tour! That sounds like sooo much fun.. I haven't heard about that before! Love the Lilly :)

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, what FUN! I wish we had things like that around here, instead we've just got TONS of horse farms. Oh, and I LOVE that Lilly dress! One of my faves from last summer :)

Mrs. Franks said...

Gorgeous pictures! Never been on a garden tour, but it looked like fun! And I have to say, I am VERY jealous that you got to sit in a ferrari :)

Unknown said...

Hi Andrea!

I am also sponsoring the magnolia pair, which is where I found you! SO glad to get to know you and be your newest follower!