Masters Mania

Today marks the first day of the Masters! Which in case you didn't know, is the first major golf tournament (of 4 total) of the year, and by far my favorite! 

Ever since I saw this adorable printables last year I had to recreate them, for my very own masters party this weekend!

masters party

My version:

Along with a couple other decorations, it will be perfect for my Master's get-together!

Who are you all hoping to win the green jacket this year? Tiger is a good choice after his win a few weeks ago, or are you hoping for someone young like Rory McIlroy?

Well I hope you ladies all have a lovely Thursday! XO

Also, thank you all for the wonderful advice on your exercise routine and which e-reader you like the best! You're all so thoughtful! 


Susan said...

I am so excited for the masters this weekend!! I agree, it's the best tournament of the year. And Rory's awesome!

Sheri Ann || Sprinkles and Style said...

These are so cute! The Masters are a big deal in my family since we all golf and I think I may need to try and recreate these this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

Emily Carnes said...

These are too cute!! One of my friends husband used to live in augusta...and their family rents their house out every year to players. one year they said a golfer and his family bought a flat screen tv and a whole bunch of other stuff, and then just left it at the house! crazy, right!? Have a great party!