My New Favorite Top

Happy Monday Ladies!! I hope you all had a fab weekend! Mine was filled with pool lounging, doing some JL volunteering and playing a bit of golf too. Pretty much the perfect weekend!

I popped into J.crew last week- and fell in love with this top:

Seriously it's perfect for work and for play and it has just the right amount of ruffle! On my way to dinner Sunday night with CWF:

j.crew: pants & wedges-old 

And today for work:
don't judge my "recycled" outfit!

And since I haven't done a Mr. Kitty Monday picture in a while:
he was 'helping' me with a wedding craft..

I made seed favors, which turned out super cute and were pretty easy too!
Find the instructions here!

I hope you all have a great day! XOXO

What to Wear to a Wedding

Happy Wednesday Ladies! 

Since I still have wedding on the brain and it's wedding season, I thought I would share what I would wear to a wedding if I were a guest. I always have such a hard time figuring out what to wear- it would be awful to show up wearing the same color as the bridesmaids! 

My solution: wear a printed dress, that way you never have to worry!

Floral: short Lilly, long Lilly, J.Crew. Abstract: paisley J.crew, ikat j.crew. Stripe: colorful Lilly, blue lilly, blue j.crew.

Do you have a 'go-to' look you always wear to a wedding?

In other news, here are a few recent instagramed OOTDs (all work outfits) from the past week: 

Purchased this lovely Lilly skirt from Turtles and Pearls!
all other clothing is Lilly or J.crew.

 I hope you all have a lovely day!! 

Wedding Weekend

After a whirlwind week and weekend I'm back! I had such a fabulous time at Christine's wedding down in Orange County! I loved being the MOH!

The happy couple arriving in a classic Bentley at their reception.

Saying their vows.

Bridal Party with the 'flower girls'- there is no one young in our families. 

Being escorted by the Best Man

My Aunt giving a speech- don't worry I gave one too! Also the backdrop was something we DIY'ed.

Pretty table arrangements. 

I'm sure I'll be posting plenty more pictures as I get them! 

Have a happy Monday everyone!! XOXO

DIY: Lilly Frame and Tissue Box

Happy Monday Ladies! Hope you all had a fab weekend! 

When I received the Lilly catalog a couple months back I noticed that there were some full pages of print. I knew I could use the prints for some sort of craft, but since I couldn't think of anything at the time I just stored the catalogs away. I was at Michael's browsing last week when it came to me! I would decoupage some things for my office cubicle!  

I choose a wooden frame and tissue box:

And I used this:

I cut out a template of the tissue box side, and then picked out where I would cut the pattern. 

and did the same for the frame:

Once your sheets are cut, apply mod podge (I used a foam brush) to the tissue box. Then apply the sheet and smooth the edges.

Then paint the outside with the mod podge. 

Let dry

And volia! the final product in it's new home!

I made the tissue box to be 'reversible', just in case I got bored and wanted to switch it up!

This is a super easy and cheap way to spruce up your work space! And I love how it ties in with all my other Lilly office stuff! 

And also since I haven't done a Mr. Kitty Monday picture in a while, here he is in my Friday night OOTN:

I call this the "kitty scarf"!


Pretty in Pastel

Happy weekend ladies!!

Pastel colors seems to be everywhere this spring!

I can't say its the most flattering on my pale skin, but that didn't stop me from wearing this minty chiffon dress to dinner last week!!

Dress: Francesca's, Belt: Jcrew, Sandals: Michael Kors

I put together a look for this week's Friday Fancies using some minty accessories and a pastel pink skirt:

skirt, top, necklace, belt: j.crew. flats: tory burch, watch: michael kors

This outfit is something I could see myself wearing all the time, to work, out with friends, or to a Junior League meeting. And I like that it incorporates pastel accessories without being overbearing! Honestly I would wear that pink skirt whether it was a popular spring color or not!!

SF Day Trip

Last week I took a quick day trip to San Francisco for work and it ended up being an absolutely gorgeous day! I'm currently planning a conference in the city for later this year and it was nice to be able to tie up a few lose ends (and of course, enjoy the city!!)

All photos by my talented co-worker Tawny!
ferry building
Outfit details- oxford scout pants (I own a pair in every color!), coat (old) scarf: j.crew. buttondown: f21. sunglasses: chanel. flats: TB revas. Hair was a wreck- don't judge!

inside the ferry building

bay bridge

Had to stop and sample the chocolate, you know to ensure the conference attendees would love it!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!! XOXO

Favorite iPhone Apps

Recently I've come across some really amazing iPhone apps that I just had to share with you!!
First, if you are a blogger you must get Goggle +. It's amazing! Before I would have to email myself pictures from my phone to post here, but now since it's all synced my pictures are automatically in the picture upload section of blogger! Hope that made sense.. but it's literally changed my life!! 

Also for blogging I use an app called G-Whizz. All your google stuff shows there- gmail etc, but I find it the easiest way to read the blogs I'm following on my phone. 

A free app I stumbled across is CollageDay (super random name). It's a scrapbook app that can really do a lot! You can add pictures and edit them, cute little decorations and writing.
Look how cute this picture is:
This is actually my first try! Something fun to mess around with in your spare time..

Picfx is another photo filter app that can also sync with instagram, but it has a lot of different filter options. It's also how you get the white spots, or bokehs.
Bokehs here on a recent OOTD!

Also if you love to craft like me, the Michaels app has coupons that can be scanned from your phone right at the register!

Anyone have any fun app finds to share? I love discovering new ones!!

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! 
It's always so nice spending time with family. 

Easter Day:
My brother has the cutest little dog, I wanted to steal him! and I'm in love with my Easter dress this year!
Easter basket goodies: I get a sugar egg every year since I was little and I got new TB sandals!

I love Sideboard, everything is fresh and organic! SO yummy!!
J.crew dress, sweater, belt. 

I also made a bunch of no-bake oreo cake balls for my coworkers Friday and for Easter Sunday. They are always a huge hit and super easy! The recipe is from Hopsy over at Monograms and Manicures.

Also I forgot to take pictures of my Master's decorations, but they turned out really cute! I made a pennant banner that said hole in one! But can we talk about how Bubba won?! So awesome!! I really want a pink driver now!

Have a happy Tuesday!! XOXO

Masters Mania

Today marks the first day of the Masters! Which in case you didn't know, is the first major golf tournament (of 4 total) of the year, and by far my favorite! 

Ever since I saw this adorable printables last year I had to recreate them, for my very own masters party this weekend!

masters party

My version:

Along with a couple other decorations, it will be perfect for my Master's get-together!

Who are you all hoping to win the green jacket this year? Tiger is a good choice after his win a few weeks ago, or are you hoping for someone young like Rory McIlroy?

Well I hope you ladies all have a lovely Thursday! XO

Also, thank you all for the wonderful advice on your exercise routine and which e-reader you like the best! You're all so thoughtful! 

Exercise Challenged

I hate working out. It's probably one of my least favorite things to do ever. I have a gym membership though, you know just in case I ever feel like going (I don't). I can count how many times I've been to the gym in the past year on one hand. So shameful, I can't believe I'm even admitting it. 

A few weeks ago, after my engagement chicken post, I was thinking about actually being engaged. Of course I would be beyond excited, but I also couldn't help but to think about how I wanted to look on my wedding day. And well, that I need to get toned and in better shape before then. 

So I've been trying really hard to work out. I started doing exercise videos on Comcast. But my favorite thing has been hot yoga. I literally can't get enough. It's so addicting and absolutely amazing! Does anyone else do it?

So naturally, to really get into yoga I need some lululemon in my life. Specifically these: 
Wunder Under Crop

Pretty amazing right?! and they would match perfectly with my hot pink yoga mat!

Does anyone have any tips for the exercise challenged?