Look for Less: It Bag

Happy Tuesday! It's finally raining here and I love a good rainy day especially when the forecast for the rest of the week is sunny!

Well I don't know about you but I've been loving the Celine bag I've seen everywhere lately. Of course it's way too pricey for me at $2000 +. But luckily J.Crew comes through and does something similar and a little more friendly on the wallet!

I saw it in the store over the weekend- and it was LOVE! Seriously I think its my fav j.crew bag in a long time. The craftsmanship seems excellent! Which color would you choose? I'm thinking the blue..

Can someone please buy it for me?!  hint hint CWF, our anniversary IS coming up! 


Laura said...

Wow that's pretty close to the Celine! The blue is gorgeous :)

Laura xo

Lindsey said...

Wow..those are beautiful! I love the cognac color. It would go with everything.

Melody M. said...

What a gorgeous bag! I love the tan color!

henning love said...

oh my gosh i want both of those bags!! both the navy and tan what gorgeous bags. so so beautiful!

Ashlee said...

Love that bag! I so want one too!

Hope you're having a great week!