Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I had a good, but rather stressful one. My family came from out of town (thank you!!) to help me get my house ready to sell, read this post for the back story. A little bathroom renovation was started, and as expected it opened a can of worms of other things that need to be replaced. I guess it's to be expected with home ownership but I wasn't really expecting it. 

Even with the surprises it wasn't all bad, we actually got a lot accomplished! And for the first time ever I helped with painting!! I should have taken a picture because it really was a sight to see, who wears a nice outfit for painting and cleaning?! Well, this girl! 

I also had a some free time to stop at j.crew and got the most amazing skirt ever! I can't wait to wear it to an upcoming bridal shower!

I got a chance to ride in the new amg and finally use the jewelry bag I got from Santa (which is perfect for weekend trips!)

CWF's parents cat is cray cray! Got a new the new naked palate and this preppy scarf from j.crew. I adore the pic w/ CWF's and my slippers together: our little happy home!

As always, I hope you have a fantastic week!!


Susan said...

I was at J.Crew over the weekend, such cute cute stuff, I wish I could've picked it all up, but sadly no! Good luck with your house, that's always tough stuff. That skirt is really cute, I'm a fan!

Erinn T || Fancy Napkin said...

I adore that picture with your slipper too! How cute!! Also so envious about the Naked palette 2 as they don't ship them to Canada yet....soon enough.
Very cute blog. I'm your newest follower :)

Fancy Napkin