Golfing at the Kapalua Plantation Course, Maui

Did you all watch the PGA Hyundai Tournament of Champions (it used to be called the Mercedes-Benz tournament .. #downgrade) this weekend in Kapalua, Maui? As you can probably guess we did; not just because we watch most every golf tournament but also because we've golfed at the Plantation course many many times and it's fun to watch and say "We've been there!!"  Their 18th hole is legendary, people are known to hit extremely long drives, and once CWF hit a 418 yard drive on it!! In golf terms that's a PGA tour status drive!

The other reason I love it so much, is that their proshop is one of the only places on island that sells Lilly!

Let's reminisce a bit, shall we?

Ahh! So pretty! CWF wants to watch it live next year, so we will be going!! Let's just hope I can convince him to take me again before then!!  

Even if your not that into golf, it's worth tuning in for the final round tomorrow to check out one of prettiest courses ever!

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