Pink & Yellow Prep

Loving this pink & yellow Lilly inspired house!

Read the full article here.

If only I could convince CWF to buy pink furniture! Oh well, it's fun to dream!

Happy Tuesday!

Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I had a good, but rather stressful one. My family came from out of town (thank you!!) to help me get my house ready to sell, read this post for the back story. A little bathroom renovation was started, and as expected it opened a can of worms of other things that need to be replaced. I guess it's to be expected with home ownership but I wasn't really expecting it. 

Even with the surprises it wasn't all bad, we actually got a lot accomplished! And for the first time ever I helped with painting!! I should have taken a picture because it really was a sight to see, who wears a nice outfit for painting and cleaning?! Well, this girl! 

I also had a some free time to stop at j.crew and got the most amazing skirt ever! I can't wait to wear it to an upcoming bridal shower!

I got a chance to ride in the new amg and finally use the jewelry bag I got from Santa (which is perfect for weekend trips!)

CWF's parents cat is cray cray! Got a new the new naked palate and this preppy scarf from j.crew. I adore the pic w/ CWF's and my slippers together: our little happy home!

As always, I hope you have a fantastic week!!

Fridays Fancies: tickled tangerine

Hi Ladies, Miss Andrea Lee here, for today's Friday's Fancies I have a special treat for you, a blog swap!!

Be sure to check out what I created for Celina!

Here's a little preview:

Happy Friday ladies!

MOH Update

As I previously mentioned, I am the MOH for two weddings! I am beyond excited for both of them! Since I've had a few requests, I though I would give you a little sneak peak at the wedding planning! I'm sure you will love them as much as I do!!

Wedding #1
April 2012

The whale skeleton gives off such a cool vibe!

 Super easy DIY for high impact, obvi we used her colors. 

 Bridesmaids are going to have different color dresses that are coordinating for a more casual look.


Wedding #2
July 2013

I absolutely adore the tent! 

The bride's colors are going to be whites, creams and lots of crystal bling! 


Both weddings are different styles that fit each bride perfectly and I can't wait to see it all come together!

Well I hope you ladies loved the update as much as I've loved helping out my besties plan their dream day!!!

OOTD: Bright Dahlia

I have a slight obsession with anything in j.crew's bright dahlia color. I know it has been out for quite some time, but I think its still one of my all time favorite colors. 

I got this cashmere sweater a few years back and it continues to be a wardrobe staple. Back then there wasn't as much in the color so when I saw this sweater in the window from the escalator, I literally pushed my way through the crowd and ran towards it! I get a little crazy sometimes! 

Anyway, I had a super big important presentation today so I thought I would bust it out, and it went perfectly with my lilly pulitzer julianna dress! (which is amazing BTW)

Happy Tuesday!!

Preppy Chic

OK so I don't know what's going on, but I completely forgot that it was Friday this morning. Who does that? I'll blame it on the fact I had Monday off. I obvi need to get it together..

Anyway this week's Friday's Fancies is all about inspiration. There is just something so classic and simple about this picture from j.crew. I've been dying to recreate the look. What can I say, I love looking at the jcrew catalog .. 

Pinned Image

The look I created:
I absolutely love the scalloped edges on this skirt!!

I hope everyone has a fab weekend!! XO

Rainy Day

We are finally getting some rain here in Northern California. Besides really needing it, it's great that I am finally able to wear my new rainboots and my fav umbrella.

Seriously this umbrella is amaze.

It's a davek. It goes up AND down with a push of a button and it has a lifetime guarantee. They will replace if it ever breaks, but it is made so well that it shouldn't!

rainboots: hunter, jeans, sweater, top: j.crew

If I wasn't a working girl I would def be curled up in bed with some tea and my new book, Unbroken. 

Have you read it? What do you like to do on a rainy day?

Color Crush: Hot Pink

I'm currently loving hot pink, well actually I always love it; I just feel I love it more lately.

Have you seen the new jcrew catalog? Hot pink is everywhere! Must be a new trend? And for you girls who don't like to rock pink on the regular, remember Valentine's Day is fastly approaching! You don't want to be caught off gaurd!

Some of my favs:
Classic leather ballet flats

Blythe blouse in silk

Drea patent peep-toe pumps

I would love to add any of these to my closet!! Jcrew continues to provide me with things I "need"!

This week's Friday's Fanices theme is color crush..

I am a bit late but I had to share my love for hot pink!! I think one of the cutest way to wear hot pink jeans is a navy striped shirt with some gold accessories!  And you know you can always find me in hot pink nail polish, no matter the time of year.


Hope everyone has a fab weekend and may you be tickled pink!

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Between work and looking for a new house; I'm a very busy bee this week!

So I give you this beauty instead:

CWF helped his parents pick out this c63 amg over the weekend! I'm excited to check it out next week when it's delivered.

Have a fabulous Wednesday ladies!!

Pink & Green & Navy

What's pink and green and navy blue all over?

Well this past weekend, me!

I went to my hometown this past weekend to relax and spend time with family. My mom just returned from her cruise and I hadn't seen CWF's parents since November. I also had the chance to meet up with my cousin to spend some quality time doing wedding planning (for her, not me!).

When I go home I like to pack light, which for me is something that took a long time to learn to do. Growing up we would go on vacay where I was only allowed to bring 1 suitcase gasp! and I would shove clothes in my pillowcase, wear extra layers, whatever it took! As I got older and there was no suitcase limit, I would have a separate bag for my shoes and sometimes that was on an overnight stay! Anyway, it's just much easier to pack light now, and if done right you don't have to compromise looking cute!! 

So I packed a green & navy elsa, green sweaternavy scarf, pale pink earrings, a pair of jeans and navy revas and Volia! my weekend outfits were complete!

I apologize there are no outfit of me out and about, I was having too much fun to take a pic!

Wore this:
 new bangles! love them!!

While doing this:
pasta & wine for lunch, super chic florist window, some shopping, and pretty mocha.

Sunday was a bit more relaxing, so I wore this:

love my new pale pink earring too!

I have to say pink & green & navy is by far my fav color combo!!

Well I hope you all had a fab weekend too! XO

Golfing at the Kapalua Plantation Course, Maui

Did you all watch the PGA Hyundai Tournament of Champions (it used to be called the Mercedes-Benz tournament .. #downgrade) this weekend in Kapalua, Maui? As you can probably guess we did; not just because we watch most every golf tournament but also because we've golfed at the Plantation course many many times and it's fun to watch and say "We've been there!!"  Their 18th hole is legendary, people are known to hit extremely long drives, and once CWF hit a 418 yard drive on it!! In golf terms that's a PGA tour status drive!

The other reason I love it so much, is that their proshop is one of the only places on island that sells Lilly!

Let's reminisce a bit, shall we?

Ahh! So pretty! CWF wants to watch it live next year, so we will be going!! Let's just hope I can convince him to take me again before then!!  

Even if your not that into golf, it's worth tuning in for the final round tomorrow to check out one of prettiest courses ever!

Friday's Fancies

Is everyone as excited as me that it's Friday? I have a bunch of fun stuff planned for the weekend and I can't wait!

I also did my first ever guest post at bless your heart today where I talk about Classy Bachelorette Parties, so be sure to check it out!! It's seriously one of my fav blogs!

Since it's Friday, I'm linking up with long distance loving for today's edition of Friday's Fancies.

 The theme today is "Best Foot Forward" which you would think would be super easy for me because I'm such a shoe horse, but it was actually a bit challenging. I wanted to have a pair of shoes that were the most amazing shoes ever! So of course I picked the shoes I've been lusting over- but will never own- a pair of 3k Louboutins. 

I thought they looked amazing with this ruffle wrap dress from Kate Spade! And of course green earrings since I am currently obsessed!

Have a lovely weekend my dear readers!! 

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday my dear readers! and welcome to all my new followers!! 

Has everyone been just as overwhelmed with all the fabulous sales as I have? Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Tory Burch and Elizabeth McKay?! Don't mind if I do! 

Today I thought I would mix it up a bit and wear a blazer with a skirt instead of my usual cardigan/sweater outfits. Let me tell you, it's love! I really should have done it sooner, esp since I've had this blazer for years and I always forget about it!  

shoes: tory burch, everything else: j.crew

I'm off to my usual Thursday evening Happy Hour with the besties! XO

Now that the Holidays are Over

Happy Wednesday my lovely readers! Can you believe it's already Jan. 4th?!? My how time flys when your having fun! I'm a bit sad that the holidays are over, but of course I'm looking forward to a fabulous year!

Last month I participated in the Holly-Jolly Swap. It was seriously one of my favorite gifts to buy/receive all month!

My Secret Santa was Rachel at Just Peachy. It was really fun getting to know her a bit better! I'm so jelly that she works at j.crew! So we def share a love for that! Anyway, she got me the prettiest pearl necklace that I've been wearing non-stop. It's been fun paring it with some of my other jewelry for a different look!

Thank you Rachel! I love it!

I was Secret Santa to Jordan over at Style, Grace & Charm: The Southern Way. We have soo much in common and her blog is adorbs too!

Now on to my NYE recap: 
From my Friday's Fancies post, we ended up doing Option # 4 "None of the above" staying in town being lazy and hanging out with some friends. But I did wear my "San Francisco" look out:

In true Miss Andrea Lee fashion, I feel asleep minutes before midnight! Eek! I def need to work on that next year.. (resolution maybe?)

As always, have a wonderful day ladies!