Same Dress Twice

I've been soo busy lately!  

Let's just say when work asks you to work overtime... RUN! I'm not sure the extra money is not worth the extra stress.. Seriously though, the stress of work and the holidays are getting to me, and its only the beginning of the month! 

I can barely get it together to pick out a nice outfit, let alone shop for a new one! In the last week I wore the same dress twice, gasp!! 

Oh yeah, and at least the dress is amazing, it's so easy to wear and best part- it was $30 from Old Navy!

First time @ CWF's bar swearing in..

later in the day @ Hawks for a celebratory meal! 

Cheers to CWF for being an attorney now! I am officially dating a lawyer! hehe

Second time @ an Office Holiday Party..

Meet my work bestie! Her name is Andrea too!!

 Some other lovely ladies from work! I just love all the girls I work with!

And now for a super random picture...

some co-workers creepin' in the back.. 

That's all I have for today ladies! Hope everyone has a great evening! I'm off to the JL Holiday Party!

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Cori H. said...

I agree, working OT can really be stressful! Love the dress!