Give or Get

Happy Thursday Ladies! Only a few days left until Christmas! Hope everyone is ready!!

I eluded to it a bit in my previous posts, but basically our whole family went on a vacation this Christmas. As you know, CWF's parents are in Maui, and my mom, her finance, my grandparents and aunt are all on a 2-week cruise.  At first I was very excited about the notion of not having to spend our time going from house to house on Christmas or honestly not having to buy as many gifts. But, as Christmas gets closer I am a bit sad to not being spending any time with family. It makes me realize that Christmas really isn't all about the presents or the parties, but the presence of family and being with the ones you love (and of course baby j too!!) 

CWF and I will be spending it together, and I'm hoping my brother will come up and have dinner with us. So, I am sure it will be wonderful, just different than years past. I guess that's what happens when your parents get older, retire and want to do their own thing before grandbabies come. 

Anyway, my last Give or Get is a nice (and actually wearable) Holiday Sweater. My favorite is Lacoste. CWF received this one from my mom last weekend when we 'celebrated' Christmas before they left on their trip. 

I love all my lacoste sweaters, so classic!

Happy Holidays to you and yours, however you spend it this year!

Sidenote: Of course CWF and I were invited on the cruise, but honestly after my last cruise experience I will never go on one again, even if it's paid for. Let's just say there were too many "rough" days at sea, with constant sea sickness, and then my whole family caught the flu. It was an 'experience' to say the least. But thank you Nana & Grandad for the very generous offer!!

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