Bow Bracelet: Look For Less

Happy Monday Ladies!

A couple months back I blogged about my beloved Rachel Leigh Bow Bracelets, but let's be honest they are a bit pricey.

A few days ago I was shopping at target for a few things and I spotted a bow bracelet in the jewelry section!! It's not exactly the same as the Rachel Leigh but still very cute nonetheless and great for stacking with a watch...

And the best part, only $17!! There's a bunch of colors too! 

And onto my weekly installment of Mr. Kitty Monday..
He is so thoughtful to help me with the laundry!

Have a fabulous day!!


Cori H. said...

Very cute! I love how it's so inexpensive, but looks so much like the other one.

How nice of Mr. Kitty to help you with the laundry. Tell him he can come help me with mine! haha! :) What is it about cats and laundry? Never fails!

Claire said...

That is just precious! I need to run to Target tomorrow and am seriously considering this! I have zero fun jewelry- it's all the same- and this would def spice up my left wrist! Your kitty is adorable :) He and my Papaya should be friends heehee

Stephanie said...

Oh my-love it!!Love anything with bows on it!! Might just have to go get me a couple of these! :)

Ashley said...

Omgosh I LOVE that bracelet!! Definitely going on my birthday wishlist!