A Look Back..

2011 has been a great year filled with tons of fun memories! In addition to all the fun stuff, I feel like I've really done a lot of growing up this year. 

But before we officially say farewell, I want to take a look back at 2011's highlights..  

Back on Valentines Day, CWF and I celebrated our 6-year anniversary. 

"be mine" pennant banner I made

 I finally learned how to ski

 Lake Tahoe from the bunny hill

I spent Easter with my family in New Jersey

and went to the big apple for a day

Celebrated my 25th birthday
by renting a limo and going wine tasting with all my besties!

I received a .25 caret diamond necklace (to commemorate my 25th year!) and a fabulous set of golf clubs from CWF as birthday gifts. I then proceeded to golf the rest of the year.

And I've saved the best for last..
Our almost 3 week vacation to Maui

Went to Lanai (another island) for a day a golf! So pretty and different there!

top of Mt. Haleakala

Haleakala sunset

 I also took a spa day, at Spa Grande, at the Grand Waliea hotel. I totally receommend, its my favorite thing to do on island. CWF also bought me a beautiful South Sea Pearl necklace (below)

golfed at Kapalua Plantation course (opener of PGA tour plays at the course) several times

I think we went golfing every day we were there! 

Goodbye 2011!! Happy New Year!!!

Friday's Fancies: NYE

I might be the most indecisive person you've ever met. Currently, CWF and I have 3 options for new years eve, and we have no idea which to choose.

We started planing for NYE in November because we wanted to go to Vegas. Then we couldn't decide on a hotel or anything else and then it was just too late. So here we are, the day before, still undecided...

Option #1 Lake Tahoe- CWF's brother and a bunch of friends are going to Tahoe to celebrate. What could be more fun than ringing in the new year in the mountains?

Option #2- San Francisco- Some of our other friends are going out in San Francisco. The city is always a NYE favorite and a good time (and much less cold!)

Option #3- Staying Home- It's possible we might be old people and not do anything. I've been putting in over 10 hours/day at work this week and I'm exhausted. Pretty lame.

As always, I'm linking up for my Friday's Fancies with {long distance loving}!

What are your NYE plans? Something fab I hope!!

Holiday Happenings

I've been a busy bee lately, as we all are during the holidays!
All my friends from different circles like to get together for drinks or lunch and it's been great seeing people from high school, college and more!

California's Capital

 Sorority Sisters! My lil is the on the left!

I guess I didn't get the boot memo..

The girls at work decorated my cubie! and look at that amazing pink stocking they made!!!

High school besties!

Hope everyone is having a fab holiday season!!


Lately I've had my eye on a few fabulous things which I've used as inspiration to recreate a few looks!

I've seen this gold piggy bank everywhere lately and I love it, but would never spend $200.. even though it is sooo chic..

I was at Micheal's getting supplies for another craft project and saw this cardboard pig for $1, so I had to have it. I painted it gold with some craft paint, and voila! My very own gold pig!

 I mean it's clearly not as cool as the other one, but I still think he's pretty cute! I put him in a bookcase display with a bunch of other girly things!
Oink Oink!

This holiday season pink & gold also seems to be everywhere. It's got a bit of a vintage vibe and I love it! 

So what better way to recreate the look then with nail polish! 
 I used 2 coats of Essie's Knockout Pout and topped it with Essie's Golden Nuggets

Do you all watch RHOBH? I seriously love it! 
 I am sure you have seen this scene from a few weeks ago... (they replay it enough!)

Anyway, I LOVE her green earrings, well along with the rest of the interwebs...
Obviously I've been on a search for similar green earrings ever since (hers were like 3k).

These Kendra Scott's were a front runner.. 
..but after trying them on they were just too big for my face (I'm pretty petite!)

So I found these at Franchesa's (it was my first time there, and let me tell you- it's love!!)
Well they look a bit blue here, but I assure you they are green in person..

Have you found any inspiration lately, and recreated the look? I would love to know!!

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

...when all through the house, 
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

May you have dreams of sugar-plums tonight!

Friday's Fancies

I've been slacking lately on my Friday's Fancies, and this week's theme 'Winter White' was too cute to pass up! So of course I'm linking up with {long distance loving}!

Actually wearing white in the winter time makes me a bit uncomfortable, like I'm somehow breaking the rules. So I don't do it often. But I do have a fab white coat from j.crew that I love to wear on occasion! See me wear it here. {did I ever mention I scored it for $22 on super clearance?! I had to fight another lady for it! but its the deal of a lifetime I tell you!!}

Friday's Fancies

Friday's Fancies by missandrealee 

This outfit (or a variation of) is something I wear quite often. I can get away with wearing my reva collection throughout the winter because it really doesn't get that cold here. (It's supposed to be 60+ on Christmas!) As you can tell from my previous Friday's Fancies, I love all my Kendra Scott jewelry too!

TGIF Ladies! TGIF!

Give or Get

Happy Thursday Ladies! Only a few days left until Christmas! Hope everyone is ready!!

I eluded to it a bit in my previous posts, but basically our whole family went on a vacation this Christmas. As you know, CWF's parents are in Maui, and my mom, her finance, my grandparents and aunt are all on a 2-week cruise.  At first I was very excited about the notion of not having to spend our time going from house to house on Christmas or honestly not having to buy as many gifts. But, as Christmas gets closer I am a bit sad to not being spending any time with family. It makes me realize that Christmas really isn't all about the presents or the parties, but the presence of family and being with the ones you love (and of course baby j too!!) 

CWF and I will be spending it together, and I'm hoping my brother will come up and have dinner with us. So, I am sure it will be wonderful, just different than years past. I guess that's what happens when your parents get older, retire and want to do their own thing before grandbabies come. 

Anyway, my last Give or Get is a nice (and actually wearable) Holiday Sweater. My favorite is Lacoste. CWF received this one from my mom last weekend when we 'celebrated' Christmas before they left on their trip. 

I love all my lacoste sweaters, so classic!

Happy Holidays to you and yours, however you spend it this year!

Sidenote: Of course CWF and I were invited on the cruise, but honestly after my last cruise experience I will never go on one again, even if it's paid for. Let's just say there were too many "rough" days at sea, with constant sea sickness, and then my whole family caught the flu. It was an 'experience' to say the least. But thank you Nana & Grandad for the very generous offer!!

Bow Bracelet: Look For Less

Happy Monday Ladies!

A couple months back I blogged about my beloved Rachel Leigh Bow Bracelets, but let's be honest they are a bit pricey.

A few days ago I was shopping at target for a few things and I spotted a bow bracelet in the jewelry section!! It's not exactly the same as the Rachel Leigh but still very cute nonetheless and great for stacking with a watch...

And the best part, only $17!! There's a bunch of colors too! 

And onto my weekly installment of Mr. Kitty Monday..
He is so thoughtful to help me with the laundry!

Have a fabulous day!!

Give or Get

Round 2 of my Give or Get mini-series.. 

Is Ugg Slippies!!! Seriously they make great gifts for people who you have absolutely no idea what to get.. Unfortunately I've already given them to most people in my fam! 

But because CWF's old pair fell apart last month, I bought CWF a new pair this Christmas! I happen to know that I am getting a pair this Christmas too! 

How do I know you ask?... Well, CWF's parents decided to go to Maui for December (including Christmas!) and so they gave us their gifts early, of course with strict rules not to open until 12/25, but rules were meant to be broken right?! Besides, its not our fault they left us! So my new slippies have been keeping my toes toasty for the past few weeks!! Sssshh! Don't tell on me!!

Happy gifting and getting!!

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's a beautiful Wednesday here in California and I have plenty to love! So I'm linking up with this kind of love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving...

My Gold Resort Chic Wedges by Lilly P! They are my go to fav and I've been rocking them as often as possible!! Some recent OOTD's with them:

pants: jcrew, blouse: tucker for target, bracelet: lilly

pants, sweater, necklace: jcrew

My breakfast this past week!
 crossiants & coffee! what could be better? yum!!

The card I received from my Secret Santa! 
I'm participating in a secret santa gift exchange with Everyday AEM and a few others!!
I love the card, and what she wrote was so thoughtful! Made my day!! 

My Slatkin & co candle! 
I think it's fresh balsam but I can't remember!
 I love this little candle thing I got at bath & body works too!

The sock bun that I've been rockin lately! 
I've received sooo many compliments and its the easiest thing to do ever! 

And lastly and most importantly.. 
My sweet boyfriend CWF!
I came home from a rough day at work to find the whole house cleaned and these beautiful roses on the bed!
he really is the best!!

Happy Wednesday to you and yours! Only 10 more days till Christmas Eve!

Give or Get

Hi ladies! I hope you all had a fab weekend! It was pretty low-key for us, and it was much needed.

I'm going to do a give or get mini-series for this holiday season. I dont really have a Christmas list per se, but I have come acoss a few things that would make great gifs for someone else or myself. Enjoy!

I'm loving these ruffled touch gloves! Adorable! The men's ones are nice too (I got them as a stocking-stuffer for CWF) It would be amazing not to take off your gloves to use your phone while outside!!

Have a great day everyone!