What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up with Jamie over at This Kind of Love for a long-overdue WILW!

I'm loving...

1. That I have work off tomorrow (for CWF's bar swearing in). I seriously can't wait to sleep in!

2. My new iPhone cover! TDF!
Got it from PeaPod Paper & Gifts. They have great coupons!

3. That CWF is refinishing a dining table for me!! Seriously, you guys this is a miracle. We've had a dining table for 3 years now that I absolutely despise (but of course there is nothing wrong with it, it's just ugly), on every occasion possible I have asked for a new table- and I never got one.  But, when his parents remodeled their Maui condo over the summer they didn't have room for a beautiful Koa wood table and agreed to ship it to us! So now CWF is in the process of refinishing it by Christmas (per my request of course!). I can't wait to decorate it and show it off to you all!

4. That I'm the Maid of Honor in my cousin Christine's wedding! I'm am seriously sooo excited!! I've already had so much fun helping her plan!
I took this picture for their Save the Dates, which turned out sooo cute!! 

5. My old navy half zip fleece! I bought it for $10 a few weeks ago! At first I was unsure about it, and decided to get a north face one, but it was disappointing and ill-fitting. I tried this one on again before I was going to return it, and it was perfect all along! You guys gotta get it! So cute & comfy!

Happy Wednesday ladies!!


lolly said...

Your new iPhone cover is adorable! Have to look into getting one of my own, thanks for sharing ;)

Unknown said...

I want to switch to the IPhone simply for that case!

sara @ the hudson diaries said...

I love the phone cover! I just ordered a Kate Spade one and I put it on my Wednesday loves too! Great ideas.

Anonymous said...

I love your cell phone cover! I am dying for one!

Sarah said...

Ah, I love that iPhone cover!! So cute! Now if I only had an iPhone....haha

Everything is Bad for You said...

I'm obsessed with your new phone cover, it is so cute!