Thankmas & More

Last week The Company She Keeps posted about Thankmas, which is of course is Thanksgiving + Christmas = Thankmas.

This is currently happening in our house:

So, yep, we are Thankmas celebrators! In other parts of the house I have little turkeys (gobblers as we call them) on display and nearby is our half decorated Christmas tree. I'm still debating on how to better decorate it this year, I feel like it's looking a bit sad. 

 In other news, my high school bestie came to visit this past weekend, and we caught up over drinks at pyramid:

This weekend we are going wine tasting for her birthday in Napa! I can't wait! Now if I could only decide what to wear..

Some options I found on pinterest:
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Cute! I have everything here so it would be easy to recreate. But I really need some sort of heel because all the girls going are like 6 foot!

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This is also cute, but maybe too casual?

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Also pretty casual! But I need to be able to walk around, it will be pretty cold (but not raining) and it needs to be super cute too! I guess I'm having a little fashion show tonight then!!

Anyway have a great day my lovely readers! I hope you all are celebrating Thankmas too!! XO

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Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

Napa sounds like such a good time! Cute outfit ideas :)