Friday's Fancies: Mix & Match

Good morning ladies! So excited it's Friday! and you know what that means... Friday's Fancies! Of course I'm linking up with {AV} over at long distance loving; today's theme is Mix and Match, which means mixing patterns together!

Here is my creation:
Friday's Fancies

I'm loving this heart sweater, and I think it would be very cute and "fall" to wear a tartan shirt underneath. I would also add some leopard wedges and purse. I think the key to mixing patterns without looking absolutely nuts it to keep it in the same color family and to have some things match (ie matching shoes & handbag). I hope you like it! I could see myself wearing this! (do you recognize those jeans? from a few Fridays ago? I just loveee trouser jeans!!)

Changing subjects, I was on the 'book last night and this convo happened:

            Friend #1:  "Wow, there's an occupy Walnut Creek movement going on right now"
            Friend #2:  "What?! That's crazy"
            Friend #1:  "Bunch of kids camped outside of citibank downtown. It's actually a pretty big crowd!"
            Friend #3:  ".... umm, that's the line for twilight..."

I seriously died laughing! Hahah! {just to clarify: I hate the occupy movement in soo many ways and I'm so sick of hearing about it..}

Also, all you ladies need to check out my adorable cousin Alison's blog The Flare. Its super cute and she has the best outfits!

Have a great day everyone!!


henning love said...

i seriously love love your outfit! that heart sweater is super cute. and i agree with you too about the occupy movement, get over it already.

Michelle said...

That hear sweater is super cute!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Just found your blog on FF, cute outfit! I was a AXO too! And totally with you on the occupy movement, come on people. Newest follower, nice to 'meet' you. Have a great weekend!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Haha that's hilarious!

Great outfit! Loving the mix and match that you created :)

HAUTE WIFE said...

Oh em gee. Love your mix of prints!!

Visit me at Haute Wife Today.

Lindsey said...

I love the outfit you chose! I would never think to wear tartan and cheetah together, but they make an adorable combination! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!