What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up with Jamie over at This Kind of Love for a long-overdue WILW!

I'm loving...

1. That I have work off tomorrow (for CWF's bar swearing in). I seriously can't wait to sleep in!

2. My new iPhone cover! TDF!
Got it from PeaPod Paper & Gifts. They have great coupons!

3. That CWF is refinishing a dining table for me!! Seriously, you guys this is a miracle. We've had a dining table for 3 years now that I absolutely despise (but of course there is nothing wrong with it, it's just ugly), on every occasion possible I have asked for a new table- and I never got one.  But, when his parents remodeled their Maui condo over the summer they didn't have room for a beautiful Koa wood table and agreed to ship it to us! So now CWF is in the process of refinishing it by Christmas (per my request of course!). I can't wait to decorate it and show it off to you all!

4. That I'm the Maid of Honor in my cousin Christine's wedding! I'm am seriously sooo excited!! I've already had so much fun helping her plan!
I took this picture for their Save the Dates, which turned out sooo cute!! 

5. My old navy half zip fleece! I bought it for $10 a few weeks ago! At first I was unsure about it, and decided to get a north face one, but it was disappointing and ill-fitting. I tried this one on again before I was going to return it, and it was perfect all along! You guys gotta get it! So cute & comfy!

Happy Wednesday ladies!!

Friday's Fancies: Black Friday

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, mine was full of family, food, & football!

Since today is Black Friday, I am doing my Friday's Fancies in it's honor. As you know from my previous post I didn't and won't be doing any shopping, but instead I'm going out tonight for a friend's birthday! Girl's night out! It should be tons of fun since everyone from high school is back in town! I should be wearing something very similar to this:

Friday's Fancies

Have a happy Black Friday, however you will be celebrating it!

Friday's Fancies: Mix & Match

Good morning ladies! So excited it's Friday! and you know what that means... Friday's Fancies! Of course I'm linking up with {AV} over at long distance loving; today's theme is Mix and Match, which means mixing patterns together!

Here is my creation:
Friday's Fancies

I'm loving this heart sweater, and I think it would be very cute and "fall" to wear a tartan shirt underneath. I would also add some leopard wedges and purse. I think the key to mixing patterns without looking absolutely nuts it to keep it in the same color family and to have some things match (ie matching shoes & handbag). I hope you like it! I could see myself wearing this! (do you recognize those jeans? from a few Fridays ago? I just loveee trouser jeans!!)

Changing subjects, I was on the 'book last night and this convo happened:

            Friend #1:  "Wow, there's an occupy Walnut Creek movement going on right now"
            Friend #2:  "What?! That's crazy"
            Friend #1:  "Bunch of kids camped outside of citibank downtown. It's actually a pretty big crowd!"
            Friend #3:  ".... umm, that's the line for twilight..."

I seriously died laughing! Hahah! {just to clarify: I hate the occupy movement in soo many ways and I'm so sick of hearing about it..}

Also, all you ladies need to check out my adorable cousin Alison's blog The Flare. Its super cute and she has the best outfits!

Have a great day everyone!!

Thankmas & More

Last week The Company She Keeps posted about Thankmas, which is of course is Thanksgiving + Christmas = Thankmas.

This is currently happening in our house:

So, yep, we are Thankmas celebrators! In other parts of the house I have little turkeys (gobblers as we call them) on display and nearby is our half decorated Christmas tree. I'm still debating on how to better decorate it this year, I feel like it's looking a bit sad. 

 In other news, my high school bestie came to visit this past weekend, and we caught up over drinks at pyramid:

This weekend we are going wine tasting for her birthday in Napa! I can't wait! Now if I could only decide what to wear..

Some options I found on pinterest:
Pinned Image

Cute! I have everything here so it would be easy to recreate. But I really need some sort of heel because all the girls going are like 6 foot!

Pinned Image

This is also cute, but maybe too casual?

Pinned Image

Also pretty casual! But I need to be able to walk around, it will be pretty cold (but not raining) and it needs to be super cute too! I guess I'm having a little fashion show tonight then!!

Anyway have a great day my lovely readers! I hope you all are celebrating Thankmas too!! XO

Monday Blues

Coming back to the office from a lovely 3-day weekend really is the NOT the business. But these shoes are:

CWF bought them for me for xmas last year, and I happen to know that his xmas gift this year will be even better! If that is even possible?! (but unlike me, you will have to wait until xmas to find out what it is! I will tell you though that we bought them this past weekend in SF..)

And if your wondering, I'm planning on wearing these to my wedding one day... who cares that I'm not even engaged! They are my dream wedding shoes.. sssh.. don't tell CWF though! ;)

Oh and I almost forgot.. my Mr. Kitty Monday picture:

he loves to "hide" in the sink

Happy Monday!

Friday's Fancies: A Golden Anniversary

Good morning ladies! I'm linking up with {AV} for another edition of Friday's Fancies.

The theme this week is "Golden Anniversary" because it's the 50th week of Friday Fancies. So I decided to run with it and create a look I would wear to an uber fancy 50th anniversary party! 

Friday's FanciesHave a great Friday ladies!!

Lilly's Birthday

Today is Lilly Pulitzer's birthday. All the stores are doing a fab gift with purchase. 

My favorites from the new resort collection are:

Cassie Dress

Coil Belt (love the kissing frogs!)

Elsa Top in Bright Navy hot hot hot

Roslyn skirt in Jungle Glam

Sloane Dress

Resort Chic wedge 

Did you notice most of my picks were the same as last week's Fridays Fancies? I loved that outfit I created and need it now! Let's hope I win!!

Random Ramblings and a Monogram Pin

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far, mine's been busy but nice. I'm looking forward to the short work week! I'm also thinking about putting my xmas stuff up this weekend (I've been deterred up until now because the stockings haven't arrived yet and i have the cutest turkeys out now that I don't want to put away!)

Thank you all for the very sweet comments on my last post, it means a lot to me. 

I thought I would show you all the fun flats I've been wearing since its turned a bit more chilly lately. (and I don't have an outfit picture taker.. boo )

I'm thinking I need this sweater from J.crew. I had a cardigan in a similar color that I ruined (ie I wore it to death and it fell apart) and I never replaced it. But I'm thinking this will be perfect:
Tippi sweater

Lately I've been wearing my grandmother's monogram pin on my coats. We shared the same birthday and she was my favorite. Her pin makes me happy!  

Last week I mentioned we went shopping in SF. This orange bag is what I came back with, which let me tell you spells TROUBLE. It's CWF's fav store and he just can't help himself. We are planning to go back this Friday to get his new wallet monogrammed and so I'm going to try to talk him into buying me an enamel bracelet. Hehe..

 Have a lovely rest of your day!! I'm getting super excited for Lilly's bday tomorrow and all the GWPs! Check back tomorrow for a recap of what I got!!

Friday's Fancies

This is my first ever Friday's Fancies and I am linking up with AV from Long Distance Loving! This week she is holding a Lilly giveaway! Make sure and enter for your chance to win some Lilly goodies!!

You all know how much I love my Lilly so I had to join in the fun and create my own Lilly outfit. I could see myself wearing this to happy hour with some JL ladies or on a date with the bf.
Lilly Pulitzer

1. Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top in Bright Navy Hot Hot Hot.
2. Lilly Pulitzer Coral Hinged Bracelet
3. J.Crew Wide Leg Trouser Jeans
4. Lilly Pulitzer Resort Chic Wedge Closed Toe
5. Lilly Pulitzer Glam it Up Clutch
6. Lilly Pulitzer Fit To Be Tied Belt

Well I hope you ladies have a fab Friday and an even better weekend! I'm off to the San Francisco for some shopping!! XO

Christmas Fever

Confession: I've been bitten by the Christmas bug early and hard this year! I'm only confessing this now after Halloween but it def. started a few weeks ago. I really don't know what the deal is but I can't. wait. to. decorate. I think I might even decorate before Thanksgiving, way before, next week maybe? Just kidding. Sort of.

I already purchased some new stockings from Pottery Barn. They are running a free monogram promotion on stockings and tree skirts until tomorrow, so I feel like it was justified. ("freemono" in case your interested)

CWF and I will get a snowflake one, and Mr. Kitty will get the smaller white one. 

I may have also gotten these pillows:
 For my favorite West Elm chair (I also already have a coordinating table cloth!)

Love this one! It will go perfectly with some other pillows we have on the couch 

On our bed

I decorate our Christmas tree very traditional with glass balls in gold and silver and gold bows. So, I'm not really looking to improve there, I just want to decorate the mantle and every other corner of the house. I can't wait!! 

Is anyone else as Christmas Crazy as I am this year??