Pixies and the World's Largest Corn Maze

Hello lovelys! Hope everyone is having a fab week!

Have you all tried the J.crew Pixie Pants? Because they are amazing!!! While looking for leggings at the crew I stumbled upon them, I know they have been out a while but they are the perfect thicker legging/ pant that can be worn with boots or flats. Love! (Of course, once it gets cold enough here, its still in the 80's!)

 In other news, over the weekend bf and I went to the World's Largest Corn Maze. It was crazy big! We have never been in a corn maze before, so we decided to do it big and go at night! It was a lot of fun, and bf is an excellent navigator so we didn't really get lost at all.

In the corn right before dark!

 Super dark now! SO scary!

Thank you all for all your sweet comments and my new followers! I still can't figure out how to respond to your comments, hopefully I can get it together soon though! 


Claire said...

I want to go to a giant corn maze- cannot believe you went at night. I think I wouldn't peed in my pants!

Mrs.S said...

That looks like an awesome giant maze=))I love corn mazes..New follower=)Check out my blog in return..Xoxo