Summer Bucket List Update

Since labor day has passed and summer is unofficially over; I wanted to recap on what I've accomplished from my summer bucket list.

  • Go to Maui on Vacation: Had an absolute blast! Came back broke & tan!
  • Have a BBQ at our house: Almost everyday until our Condo association banned them from patios! WTH!
  • Play golf a few times a week: bf has literally played everyday since the bar ended! and almost every day in Maui!
  • Happy hour with besties: every Thursday! 
  • Read a book: read 'the help' and started on 'game of thrones'
  • Float down the river
  • Go to a summer concert: going to one tomorrow evening!!
  • Go to the houseboat on Lake Shasta: trip planned Sept. 16-19! (before summer is officially over!)
  • Relax by the pool: Lessons learned- wine & skinny girl margaritas don't go well together all day in the sun!
I actually got a lot more accomplished than I thought I would and had a wonderful summer! Unfortunately, I didn't float down the river which has always been a regular occurrence during my college summers. Oh well- there's always next year!

Hope everyone had a fab summer too! Is there anything you didn't get around to doing?

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Hannah said...

hahaha oh my GOSH i am so jealous you went to Maui! I would come back broke, too, so i don't blame you one bit! congrats on your bucket list! i didn't get around to much of anything on mine this year :( too much work. is it sad i am actually happy to be back in school so i don't have to work?! hahah!