What to Wear: Golfing

I always seem to get asked by my friends what to wear while golfing. None of them play often and will just go with their bf's or on a date, but still want to look the part. Well, I absolutely love the Ralph Lauren Golf Collection. So classic and you could (I do) wear the items separately when not at the course.

Brenda Neon Stretch Polo - Ralph Lauren Golf Polos - RalphLauren.com
Skorts are a must when it's hot out there!

Cassandra Striped Polo - Ralph Lauren Golf Polos - RalphLauren.com
Love this striped polo. 

Sleeveless Tournament Polo - Ralph Lauren Golf Polos - RalphLauren.com
Navy and white is always a favorite combo.

Pima Fleece Half-Zip Pullover - Ralph Lauren Golf Long-Sleeve - RalphLauren.com
Pink seersucker and white half-zip (a must for the evening when the temps drop)

Printed skorts are another popular option. Most golf clothing companies offer fun printed ones, but since I am sort of a print snob (blame LP) I'd rather purchase LP's and skip the others. My picks:

LP Jarvey Skort
Make sure the length is long enough for your club. I don't want to get anyone in trouble!

I suggest to my friends to use what they have if they are not going to take up golfing all the time. My must have items to build up a golf wardrobe are: 
  • White burmuda shorts
  • Colorful polos (I have a bunch of lacoste ones I wear)
  • White polo
  • Colorful shorts/burmudas (Sometimes I wear LP callahans or j.crew chino shorts, but not all clubs will allow this. Check before you go!)
  • Skorts (colorful and plain)
  • Belt
  • Half zip fleece
  • Fun socks
  • Golf shoes
Basically I just mix and match the polos with the burmudas/shorts/skorts. And throw on the half-zip when it gets chilly. Sometimes I like to wear a belt and tuck in my top, but not always! Just have fun with it!

Golf shoes can really help you "grip" the grass during your swing. There are a lot out there that are not very cute so make sure to shop around! A recent trend are golf shoes that don't have changeable spikes and can be worn on the street. These Puma golf shoes are the ones I currently have: 
PUMA Women's Golf Cat White/Puma Silver

But these Callaway's are another great stylish option that I will probably be getting next. 

I wear a StaSof FootJoy glove (which I think is the best) but there are other cute options out there too:
Houndstooth Ladies Golf Glove

Glove It - Bling Glove - Orangeade Bling

I don't wear a visor or hat but a lot of ladies do. Also, always remember your sunnies, it can be really bright out there!

A really great website with super cute and preppy golf stuff is Pinks and Greens. They literally have everything you could ever want. Even this:

color: Beaver Creek FLEECE
So cute! 

Remember the most important thing about golf is to have fun! 


Ashley Turner said...

Such a helpful post! I might be going golfing with hubby and some friends soon, so I shall refer back to this before selecting an outfit!

Steel Magnolia said...

I DIE over the argyle golf cart! Mr. Smith is a golf FIEND and while I don't play, I too love to "dress the part" when I do go with him.

Thanks for sharing!

Glitterista said...

I just started golfing this summer and love it! Can't wait to check out that adorable women's golf site. :)