What I'm Loving Wednesday

Good morning everyone! Today I am linking up with Jamie at WILW for my first installment of What I'm Loving Wednesday. 

I'm loving this song I heard on the radio this morning and I almost died laughing:

If only it wasn't true!! 

I'm currently obsessed with Chevron. I would love to decorate our house with it, but maybe its too trendy. So I'm currently rocking one of my Wall About You backgrounds with pink chevron and a pink monogram. 

  That reminds me, do you read Glitter Guide? Because you should!

I'm also loving getting ready for our Maui vacay next week. This time I need to pack well (the key is to start early!) because last time we went to Maui I literally forgot to bring a bathing suit for the bf! haha! 

view from our condo!

I'm also loving the upcoming sale at Ruelala for Lilly, the online Lilly sale starting the 23rd (we will be in Maui though) and of course Re-Lilly on fb! I just love finding Lilly deals!

Have a lovely day!


Courtney said...

I've had a minor obsession with chevron print lately too. I've been trying to find a cute dress to wear but I'm having a hard time.

henning love said...

i love the chevron a lot too!! very classy, cute blog

Legally Brunette Kate said...

I love the chevron too! It's a fun twist on classic stripes...I really love the rug you posted.