Golf Day Essentials

So, as you know we love golfing at our house. But it can be a long day if you play a full round and finish only when it's so dark that you can't see a thing. After a few too many days like that where I was ill prepared (hungry, tired, cold, bored), I've put together a list of essentials to bring out to the course.

First off, make sure to bring all your golf related things. Clubs, balls, tees, shoes, towel, etc, but if you golf you already know this.

I always make sure that I have a few snacks in my golf bag. I carry whole foods brand honey roasted peanuts for bf (he swears by them), and since I am allergic I also carry a bunch of fruit snacks and cheez-its all in individual sized servings. That way you can put them in weeks in advance and they will still be good when hunger strikes.

Food & Drinks
I get really hungry (see above) and I like to have as many options as possible. 

Beforehand I like to pick up a few deli sandwiches for when we like more than a snack later in the day. (Of course you could head over to the clubhouse for food & drinks, but we are pretty serious about getting as much time on the course as possible).  This is when my LP cooler comes in handy.  I keep sandwiches, candy bars or other food I want to keep cold (dip, salsa, etc) or not melt (chocolate) in here. A few of the GC's we frequent have coolers on the cart but its not always the case. 
I like this cooler so much better than a hard one because it fits in the cart easier.

I also like to bring a few sodas and beers! This is when my koozie & 6-pack cooler come in handy. 

Keepin my beer cool!

This thing is a great way to carry a lot of beer/soda!

Yes I literally bring all those things. I like to keep everything cool! And its better to separate the cans from the sandwiches because they will get smashed!

Sun Protection
It can get really hot out there, so make sure to bring some SPF! No one likes a lobster :)

A spray kind is easy and quick to apply!

I always bring a jacket, because in the bay area the fog rolls in at night and it can get pretty chilly! I prefer a half zip because it looks best with a polo. I don't want to talk too much about golf attire though because I'm planning a separate post on it!

Bringing a fully charged smart phone is a must! We have the golfshot gps app and if you want to use it and do anything else (fb, blogging) it better be fully charged! Also I tend to not want to play late so I have some down time when I'm done and I need to keep busy or I will fall asleep! My phone is a savior! 

That's it! Look for my post about golf outfits soon! I hope I didn't bore you all to death! Off to go play some golf this afternoon!

Have a lovely Friday!! 


Legally Brunette Kate said...

Great post! I've actually never been golfing before, but my boyfriend's dad goes a few times a week...I'll have to remember all your advice when he takes us. And I love the Lilly koozie!

Caitlin C. said...

That six pack cooler is the coolest/cutest thing I've ever seen!! I. Want. One. :) BTW, your blog is adorable!

Tipsymadras said...

O.M.Jeezy Where on earth did you find that six pack cooler? I'm obsessed! Maybe a little too much--it just may be my new driving range companion haha. kidding. kind of.

miss andrea lee said...

I got my six pack cooler for $5 at Tuesday Morning. But I have seen them at Marley Lilly (monogrammed too!) and at my local golf pro shop. Seriously its the best thing ever because no one knows your carrying a bunch of beer around! haha!