Things I'm Loving Thursday

I love Thursdays, so much anticipation for the weekend and only one more work day, which luckily is a bit more relaxed then the rest of the week. So here are the things I'm loving today:

  • The mini burgers I made for dinner, yumm.. so good!
  • My new iphone wallpaper, so cute!

 McKinley Margo via Etsy
She completely personalizes it with your monogram and fav colors
  • JR Watkins aloe & green tea hand soap- seriously amazing! so refreshing.. makes me almost like doing dishes.. almost

Liquid Hand Soaps
Best part is that its all natural and I found it at Target

Now I'm off to bed.. have a good night everyone!


Legally Brunette Kate said...

The monogrammed iphone background is too cute...I'm a total sucker for anything personalized like that. Adorabs.

. said...

Absolutely love that background! I'm definitely getting one now but choosing is so hard!

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miss andrea lee said...

I couldn't decide either so i am going to have to get more!!

Mrs Nautical Belle said...

Love that iphone background!