Making Orange Work at Work, Part II

Continuing on with my orange outfits...

To tone down the orange and make it work appropriate I’ve paired the items with other neutrals like brown, khaki, white, grey and also navy.  Prints also work if done right! Since some of the orange is very bright, I’ve kept my accessories to a minimum to keep it more conservative for the office.

I wore this one on a Friday since its little more casual.
dress: j.crew, sandals: TB, bag: LV

top, pants: j.crew, blazer: zara, flats: coach


Unknown said...

This is so cute, I really like this color on you and the dress is perfect for work. I almost wore a brighter light orange to work today, haha and decided against it so this post inspired me. :) Thank u


Anonymous said...


miss andrea lee said...

Thank you! :)