Things I'm Loving Thursday

Today I'm loving...

  • That it's almost the weekend! 
  • That I'm leaving in a few minutes for a hair appointment
  • My new blog followers (thank you, thank you!)
  • My brother is coming to visit me from Santa Cruz tonight
  • True Blood starts in just a few short days (love me some true blood!)
  • The yummy salad I had for lunch today from the nugget
  • I'm getting a new cubie (upgrade!) and new extra large monitor at work tomorrow!
  • The Lilly sale thats going on right now
Hope you lovely ladies are having a great day too!

Making Orange Work at Work, Part II

Continuing on with my orange outfits...

To tone down the orange and make it work appropriate I’ve paired the items with other neutrals like brown, khaki, white, grey and also navy.  Prints also work if done right! Since some of the orange is very bright, I’ve kept my accessories to a minimum to keep it more conservative for the office.

I wore this one on a Friday since its little more casual.
dress: j.crew, sandals: TB, bag: LV

top, pants: j.crew, blazer: zara, flats: coach

Making Orange Work at Work, Part I

A few months ago I was on an orange clothes buying rampage. Remember my coral obsession? Well this was much, much worse. I literally went from owning one orange/pink tunic to owning tops, skirts, dresses and even shoes in less than a month. So in an effort to justify all the orange stuff and really make it work for my lifestyle I thought I would show you how I’ve been wearing the items to work.    

blazer, skirt, belt, top: j.crew, shoes: Tory Burch

 top: old navy, skirt: j.crew outlet, shoes: TB
Mr. Kitty!

And Summer Begins!

It may be 100+ degrees outside but it sure is chilly in my office. I am literally so cold inside I need a sweater and then I go outside and I burn up!  I am suddenly realizing that I have no work attire that is not too hot for outside (also must be office appropiate) and warm enough for my offices' AC. Ugh! I need to find me some tank tops and short sleeve sweaters real quick!

Anyway, today I wore this pretty dress into work since its National Wear Your Lilly Day. I actually haven't worn it since Easter so it was really the perfect day to wear it! I was super hot though when I took my morning walk :(

Anyway I hope you ladies have a wonderful first day of summer and are celebrating by wearing your Lilly too!!

Summer Bucket List

I’ve seen this post around and thought it was such a cute idea! Here’s mine: (in no particular order)

  • Go to Maui on Vacation (so excited about this one!)
  • Have a BBQ at our house
  • Play golf a few times a week
  • Happy hour with besties (once a week hopefully!)
  • Read a book
  • Float down the river
  • Go to a summer concert
  • Go to the houseboat on Lake Shasta
  • Relax by the pool

I wish I could say I'm going to be crossing off items from the list this weekend, but sadly I’ll working and traveling. Cheers to next weekend!

Coral Crazy

Last week I talked about how I loved my coral nail polish here, and since then I literally went coral crazy! I went to Ulta and they were having a flash sale with benefit products, which I love. So because I was on my coral kick I tried out the benefit ‘coralista’ blush and then the SA had me also try the benefit ultra-shines lipgloss in ‘spiked punch’. It’s literally the best combo EVER! You must try it!

I picked up a few other things, including the benefit 'they’re real' mascara which I guess doesn’t officially come out until July. But because of the sale I got a bunch of free benefit products! Gotta love that!

I put together this picture board of my recent coral purchases, and a few wishlist items.  I love my kate spade bag, I get a ton of compliments on it, defiantly recommend. 1. Benefit Coralista 2. Lilly P 'Eve Dress' 3. Benefit Spiked Punch 4. Kate Spade Jeanette 5. Fornash Bamboo Bangle 6. Essie Tart Deco

Finally Friday

This week has dragged on.. I had so many fun things going on the last few weeks (and time off) with memorial day and my birthday that this full week back at work has been a drag. That's why I am so excited it's Friday!! So while the bf is studying for the bar exam all weekend I will be lounging poolside with a Corona in hand! Can't wait!!

Things I'm Loving Thursday

I am so excited that the weather is finally warmer in northern California! Hopefully no more rain for a while.. To celebrate the warmer temps today I painted my nails essie 'tart deco' which is a really fun coral shade. I also wore my gold sandals because how much more summer can you get than that?!

I've been on the lookout for a chapstick gloss with color, and I think I found the perfect one! It's covergirl nature luxe gloss balm. And bonus: it's cheap! I got 'tulip' which is the perfect light pink and 'hibiscus' which has a little more color. I will def be wearing these all summer long.  Find it here

Golf Adventures

Last night Carl and I went to the driving range. (with my new clubs!) While we were practicing pitching a baby praying mantis landed on my golf bag. It was so cute and tiny! I had to take a picture to share with you all! It must be good luck :)
Have you ever seen a baby praying mantis?