Over the summer I picked up a backgammon set in a beautiful solid wood from an Estate sale. My hope was revamp it into a timeless conversation piece for our living room.

I'm pretty pleased with how this budget project turned out. 

This is the set in its original form. A nice light wood but not the color scheme I was going for.

My plans:
-Sand and stain the wood a medium brown
-Recover then paint the board with grass cloth and blue hues to coordinate with our living room 
-Add a monogram and motif to the center of the board

My first step was to precisely cut the grass cloth to the dimensions of the board using a combo of a T-square, razor blade and scissors. Once the grass cloth was the correct size, I created a template to recreate the triangles onto the grass cloth. Once I outlined the template on the grass cloth I filled it with paint. Once that dried I traced the 'F' initial into the center and painted it to match. I created the ginger jar by free drawing one the same size as the F onto scrap paper, then folding it in half before cutting so it would be symmetrical. 

And now I just need to remember how to play (and win!!) My husband and I have enjoyed watching instructional You Tube videos and learning together. 

If you do a similar project please make sure to share! I would love to see. XO

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