College Graduation Invites with Basic Invite

As you can see from some of my previous posts, I love to create the perfect customized cards. I get so excited around my favorite holidays that I'm usually bursting with ideas. My brother asked me to help him create the perfect college graduation invitations since he just graduated. As I was looking for a little inspiration, I ran across a company called Basic Invite and was instantly charmed. 

Basic Invite has so many custom options, even the most discerning creators such as myself will be more than inspired. Sometimes I'm bursting with so many ideas, that nailing down a certain look can be difficult. This occasion was not one of those times. I tend to gravitate towards a very classic look, and with almost unlimited colors I was able to perfectly capture the aesthetic I had in mind. I tend to test out various design elements before making my decision, and this was so easy with Basic Invite. They had almost two hundred different color options available in each design, and I was able to instantly get a preview to see if it was the timeless design I was looking for. This really sets Basic Invite apart from the other companies I have used and one of the biggest reasons I chose to go with them. But the fun didn't stop at just the invite itself, I had so many different options color wise for envelopes. All these different colors enabled me to pick something that was not only fantastically stylish, but also were befitting my brothers personality. He is the one of the smartest, most charming people I know, but can also be a bit of a goofball at times. 

I wanted to really go above and beyond what my family was expecting. This can be a bit of a problem when you are constantly outdoing yourself. Therefore I was floored when I noticed that I could get an actual sample of my design sent to me. This allowed me to get a view of not only how the color theme looked up front but also the type of paper it was printed on. I was glad for this feature as my first design theme just did not flow well together. Nothing less than perfection was acceptable when it comes to my only sibling. This will be my only opportunity (except for maybe when wedding bells are ringing!) to chip in and provide some much needed assistance. Hopefully the party itself will be as good as my invitations!

With great style, comes great responsibility. I was able to really let my creative energy loose with Basic Invite. And the look on my brothers face made this experience priceless to me. I love you Alex!

For all of you out there with freshly minted graduates, I would urge you to check out Basic Invite. Right now they are offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51.

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