I recently stumbled across Lalaland rugs on Etsy which has the most beautiful selection of handmade vintage Turkish rugs. I decided that the perfect place for this rug was in our recently remodeled kitchen. 

This elegant gemstone colored rug completes our kitchen remodel. The muted colors of the rug perfectly match both the cabinets and the flooring. A simple but traditional pattern, it completely changes the look and feel of the room- adding much more texture and depth.

Further, the botanical nature of the rug compliments the kitchen nook's floral pattern. It creates a theme that ties the two rooms together, and shows how a important a properly selected rug is.  

With the kitchen being such an important room in the house, it was important that we picked a warm welcoming piece!

Lalaland rugs had such wonderful service, quick shipping (only 2 days!) and great selection- I would highly recommend them to anyone! My cousin Alisa even selected a beautiful rug for her NYC apartment. Can't wait to pick our next piece. 


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