Holiday card; Christmas card; Basic Invite card
As I have learned, it's never too early to work on your Christmas cards. Actually the earlier the better- one less thing to do as the craziness of the holidays gets near!

This year I went with Basic Invite for our Holiday cards. I was also looking for something that was FUN! In years past we went with a traditional plaid Christmas theme but we were always celebrating something- engagement, wedding, our first house- and this year we have no specific special occasions to celebrate and instead are celebrating a blessed life. So something with a little pink and green seemed fitting!

What I loved about Basic Invite is that all parts of the card can be customized and you can see changes as you make them! And there are over 175 color options- so you can get your exact color! AKA the perfect pink and green!

Another feature of Basic Invite is the backs of all the cards can be completely interchanged with the front. That way you get the best of both! We choose the timeline format and changed all the colors and fonts to match the front.
Holiday card; Christmas card; Basic Invite card

And a pretty little gold liner that adds a special touch!
If you are looking for personalized holiday cards this year, make sure to check out Basic Invite! And right now they are offering 30% off!

Holiday card; Christmas card; Basic Invite card

And as I do every year, if you would like exchange Holiday cards please let me know! I love receiving them from all of you!


Just Jess said...

I love your cards especially that you can share so much of your year on the back. My parent's do a yearly newsletter that they include in their cards. It's hysterical to read each year. Jess at Just Jess

Stang&Co said...

I am loving the details and how you tell a bit about your year. So fun and great to look back on for you!

SHF said...

I always love seeing your holiday cards! This year's pink and green card is so fun! I love the timeline on the back (especially the line about Mr. Kitty's hobbies).

Rachael Alexis said...

I absolutely love your Christmas cards! Your envelope was almost identical to the ones we chose. I love the metallic insides. I hope you had a nice holidays. Also I wanted to let you know that I added your blog to my list of blogs that I follow in my right hand sidebar XO

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