Do you ever feel like your house is in a constant shuffle? I moved a plant to the living room for more light and it created a domino effect where I ended up moving about 10 other items all over the house to make up for it. I moved my favorite bamboo chair by the bookcase in the dining room and realized that my new pillow matches the color of the bookcase perfectly. Such a happy little accident and now I am totally loving everything in it's new place!

Nothing like a little spring rearranging! But that means that next up is the dreaded spring cleaning.
Have you done any spring rearranging or cleaning yet??!


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I am a huge rearranger in our house, for sure! And ugggh..I don't even want to think about spring cleaning!

Kristen Woolsey said...

I am constantly moving things around!! It'll never be just right.