Since the weather has felt a little more spring-like and our Camilla tree has been in bloom I've been spending more time in the backyard. I recently received these fun monogrammed cups from the Etsy shop Sequins and Lipstick and they have been great to take out to the patio!

monogrammed cups

Seriously our Camilla tree though! Our backyard is a pink explosion right now.

Loving the gold diamond monogram design that we choose, but there are so many options! I've always wanted a set so I could use at the many parties we host throughout the year (we will definitely be using them at my upcoming Kentucky Derby party too!).  I have about 30 wine glasses that I've collected but I found I just don't use them when hosting because of all the clean-up involved. These are top-rack dishwasher safe so clean-up is a breeze. 

gold monogram cups

I've already used them at a girls brunch I hosted two weeks ago, then at my cousin's baby shower last weekend and many happy hours on the patio in between!

pink Camilla tree

The flamingos were from our wedding photo booth. A little funky; but they add a fun touch to the backyard.

 Such pretty little flowers! Wishing you all a lovely Tuesday.



Piper Ellice said...

My camellias have been in bloom for months, and they're starting to get some azalea competition this week! Love your cups...ordered similar ones for my wedding in April.

Sarah said...

Loving your camellia tree, the soft pink is so pretty and those flamingos are so fun!! xo

Belle in the City

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

That tree is absolutely gorgeous! Our camellia should start blooming any day now and I'm SO ready!

Ashley Wissel said...

Those cups are SO adorable! They would be so perfect for an upcoming bachelorette party that I'm planning :)