When we purchased our home we knew a kitchen upgrade was inevitable but we really wanted to live in it for a while before deciding what to do. Now that we are coming up on our one year homeowners anniversary we feel ready to tackle it! I am so glad we waited because what we thought we wanted to do last year (changing the layout) is not what we will be doing now. We actually love the current layout!
I've always wanted a marble countertop and a few days ago we made that dream a reality and purchased our marble slab! Our house is 90 years old this year and I am looking forward to the character that the marble will bring to the space.
Here is my kitchen inspiration:
marble kitchen
kitchen refresh
The Plan
Because our cabinets are mostly the style I want anyway; we plan to just repaint them. I am thinking charcoal gray for the lower cabinets and white for the uppers with an all white subway tile backsplash. An apron front sink is a must have and after an extensive search I've picked out the one we need. Fingers crossed it will come off backorder soon! I fell in love with colonial style bin pulls (like the ones in the middle picture above) for the cabinet hardware and a bridge-style kitchen faucet. I love that our laundry room (which is right off the kitchen) has an original bridge-style faucet too. Right now we have a hanging pot rack and I plan to have wall-mounted ones made instead. I think that's about it.. I'm so excited to share our progress and the final outcome!


Lindsay said...

We too are in the midst of starting in on a few kitchen renovations and I love these inspiration pictures! A farmhouse sink is a definite must on my list!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Your vision sound fabulous! Can't wait to see the progress!