Updates Around the House

Our house has been in a constant state of decorating/redecorating the past few months. When we first moved in we wanted everything unboxed & organized, and at that point I just threw up dĂ©cor so it would look nice/passable for our housewarming party. But now I'm really enjoying taking my time decorating for the long haul, even if that means taking down and moving some of the things I already hung up. So, if you were to come visit our home now it would look totally different than it did the day of our party.
A few weeks back I talked about working on a little gallery wall for our hallway. My cousin generously gave us a painting of our house at our housewarming party (gift idea!) and I wanted to incorporate that as well as a few other things in the hallway to make the AC control box less prominent. I still have more work to do because I have another painting from my mom and grandparents to incorporate (I'm thinking below), but I need one more small thing to make it even and I haven't decided on that yet.

The mantle is constantly changing but here is where we are at now. The lavender is from our yard and it makes the room smell heavenly.

My next big project is adding curtains in the living room. We were so fortunate that the previous owners added these shutters to all the windows in the front of the house; however in the living room there is still a slight glare on the TV even when they are closed and it drives me crazy. So I'm hoping the curtains will be both beautiful and functional. Any suggestions on curtain color are welcome (our couch is burgundy).

The windows that will be covered. I think it will add a nice warmth to the room as well.

I've been going back and forth about the style of the curtain hardware but I think I am going to go with lucite rods and brass hardware as our fireplace insert is brass. This is my inspiration from the hunted interior:
image via the hunted interior
I am a big fan of these wood frames from Target and I have used them in many gallery walls in both our old condo and in our current dining room. I've been meaning to hang this one for a while but I set it down and I don't hate it- at least until it finds it's permanent home.

Recently my parents gave us my great grandma's antique carved bookshelf and I've had fun styling the shelves.
Swooning over all the little details on this thing (the claw feet, the dots, the scalloped edges!)

Have you done any home projects or updates recently?! Do tell!


Taren said...

I love that Hawaii print!! That's where we went for our Honeymoon. Where did get it?

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Um I love that drawing of your house it's so cute! You've inspired me to post my house pics :)

Robyn Proctor said...

I'm in love with your great grandmother's bookshelf, I love antiques. The print of your home and Hawaii are both so cute!

Alexandra Moor said...

This might sound crazy, but the linen ikea curtains in white are beautiful- they still let some soft light in and look very nice! The white is more of an off white too, there are a ton of pictures and blogs about them on pinterest!

clhorn said...

Where is the Hawaii print from?!?!?!?!