One Room Challenge: Week 4

Happy Thursday! You know what that means, I am linking up with the One Room Challenge. See my progress: Week One, Week Two, Week Three.

To be honest, I haven't made much progress in the room for week 4- it's been pretty busy over here work wise. But I did play around with the room planner function on the Pottery Barn website and I created this so you could visualize the room set up.  

Also, I finally decided on a duvet after much thought and deliberation. I went with the more pricey one I loved instead of the more practical choices and I know I will be happier in the long run. Here is the pattern:
I was looking for a chinoiserie pattern and this one is perfect. I think the dark color makes it a little more masculine so the husband is happy too.

My do-to list:
-New sconce shades
-New bedding 
-Purchase bed risers
-New nightstands (I think we are being gifted some as well)
-Make a skirted console to hide the TV stand
-Maybe curtains of some sort if I get up the courage, new curtains
-Find finials

Now, I am off to check up on everyone else!

1 comment :

Kim said...

Love the bold backdrop color ...and sometimes spending a little more means you'll keep it longer, saving in the long run! Beautiful choice!