One Room Challenge: Week 3

I can't believe we are already on Week 3 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home! Halfway to go and I still have so much to do. You can check out my progress: Week One, Week Two.

This week my inlaws gave us a pair of nightstands which ended up working out better than expected with our antique headboard. Somehow they are the same color, have brass hardware which match the scones and are a similar style to the headboard. I couldn't have planned it better if I tried. (And a huge 'thank you' to my husband for driving up to Lake Shasta to get these for me!)

When I had talked about getting drapes I was envisioning wood hardware in the same wood color as the headboard. After looking everywhere last week I thought that would be impossible.. everything I was finding was either way too expensive or not the correct color. I basically gave up. I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond for a bridal shower gift and lo and behold, they had exactly what I was looking for! And on major clearance! Total score. I am still on the hunt for finials however. I slapped up the curtains we had at our condo for the meantime but they will have to go.

Here is the other smaller window.  

I majorly dislike the grommets on these curtains. They don't really go with anything in the room. The color is fine but I'm thinking a pattern would look nice since I think the bedding will also be plain. Any thoughts?!

Also, on the opposite wall as the bed is this rattan TV console that doubles as our linen closet since we don't have one (#89yearoldhouseproblems). I mentioned last week I am hoping to make a skirt to hide it. So far, I've only bought a piece of plywood to attach the fabric to as I think this will be the last project to get done since I'm still deciding on curtains and bedding.

Things I hope to accomplish:
-New sconce shades
-New bedding 
-Purchase bed risers
-New nightstands (I think we are being gifted some as well)
-Make a skirted console to hide the TV stand
-Maybe curtains of some sort if I get up the courage, new curtains
-Find finials

Hopefully next week I will have more progress to share. I'm off to check out the other ORC participants!!

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Anonymous said...

This bed stopped my in my tracks. What a spectacular Eastlake headboard!