Baseball Cap

I've been wearing a baseball cap lately at the golf course- I makes me feel so sporty chic! I finally found one I love and it doesn't feel too forced; I can't say I'm a huge sports fan so it never felt right to wear a team logo. Anyway this one has the perfect 'worn-in' look and because it has our club's logo I feel comfortable wearing it around.

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 Do you have an 'old favorite' baseball cap?


Portuguese Prepster said...

too cute!

SHF said...

Super cute look! I wear either a monogrammed ball cap or one from the club my parents belong too. I really want to purchase one with my school, crest on it!


Unknown said...

Cute hat! I'm not a huge sports fan either so I've had a difficult time finding ball caps too.

Ashley Wissel said...

I have a ratty old one from college that I wear all the time! The color has faded a bit, but it still gets the job done.

Are your shoes converse!? I love that outfit!!