Wedding Wednesday- My Maui Beach Bachelorette

I'm pretty sure that my friends threw me the best bachelorette party in history! We spent a long weekend at one of my in-laws condos in Maui. Seriously, it was totally epic and I am so so grateful!!
The weekend started off with a limo arriving super early in the morning to pick us up for our flight. Mimosas at 5am are always a good idea!! On our flight, the flight attendants were so sweet to craft me a veil (out of TP! ha!) and made an announcement to the whole plane that there was a bride on board! They had me walk down the aisle of the plane with my 'veil' & 'train' and the passengers wrote their well wishes on napkins for us! It was a memory I will always cherish.
After arriving in Maui and getting settled in the condo we went out for happy hour. A quick stop at the chapel by the sea at the Grand was in order.


At happy hour there was a ukulele player singing Hawaiian songs. He even dedicated a few songs to me!

 The next day we spent a few hours tanning on the lawn outside the condo.

Our one big 'outing' of the weekend was a reggae sunset dinner booze cruise! 
 I love that all the girls wore black dresses and I wore white- it really made the whole bride thing real! Words of advice though- don't wear wedges or flowly dresses on a boat with waves and wind! Haha
After some dinner and a few drinks the reggae dance party was going strong! We had an absolute blast!!
Every Lilly girl needs a Lilly Bachelorette sash!!

More beach time! I loved making tropical drinks to bring with us to the beach. As there favor for coming, each of the girls got a monogrammed beach hat and a tumbler cup to drink out of!

One cloudy morning we drove to the other side of the island and hiked in the bamboo forest.

It's an easy hike and the best part is there's a waterfall at the end!

A coconut drink! We had to wade through that water to get over to the waterfall, but it was totally refreshing since it was so humid out.

I loved spending time with the girls at the condo too! It was so relaxing watching the turtles from the balcony.
 And of course we had to make sure to get a trip to Mama's Fish House in.. it's CWF's and I favorite place and where we celebrated our engagement.
The view there is incredable!

On our last night we wanted to check out the Andaz hotel becasue it is new and super swanky.

 This hibiscuss flower Lilly dress was totally perfect for a Maui bachelorette!


Another group shot!
I think I brought every maiden name monogrammed item I owned just to get one last good wear!
I asked my MOH and friends to plan me a trip that incorporated all our favorite things about Maui and I got just that! I am so greatful that I have such a wonderful group of friends and they were able to share this special time with me.

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