Guest Room Redo

Since getting married, I've been wanting to update our 2nd bedroom from my very girly closet room to an actual functional second bedroom that our family would like to stay in.
We are planning to get a new (queen size!) bed for the master and my four poster (full size) that was my great-grandma's will be moved to the guest room. I really like the mix of the traditional bed and rug with some more modern elements like the chinoiserie chair and quatrefoil mirror. I think it keeps the room looking youthful and while still looking 'grownup'!
We have a lot of storage space in the bathroom so I was able to move all my jewelry there. My crafting supplies and purses will stay in the guest room but I'm making better use of the closet and keeping everything stored away instead. I'm so excited for the final outcome!!


Unknown said...

I just redid my guest room/office myself! I should do a post on mine, too. I love this bed frame you chose!

-- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

cheshire hunt fashion said...

Pretty and very classic.
Right up my alley!

Portuguese Prepster said...

love the rug!!