Match My Monogram

I was recently contacted by Match My Monogram, to spread the word about their brand new online marketplace created to solve the problem of what to do with mint condition monogrammed items that for one reason or another are no longer in use!
I can see how Match My Monogram will come in handy for me once my monogram officially changes and I need to get rid of some of my old monogrammed items! They also have lots of clothes for kiddos that have been outgrown.  
How adorable is this little girls dress??!!
Found here

MMM takes the burden off of the consignor by finding that person out there with the same name who loves your personalized style. I hope you all check it out as it is a great resource for all you monogram lovers out there!



Sara said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! XO!

Ashley said...

This is a fantastic idea!!! I do love monogrammed things...I need to go check it out for my boys!

preppylove said...

That little girls dress is sooooooo cuuuuuute!

Unknown said...

I love your blog