Christmas Time Around the House

I wanted to share a few more pictures of our Christmas decor from this year, it's always so great to be able to look back every year to see how it evolves.
This year I was all about tartan, some sparkle, natural elements (burlap and greenery) with red accents.
The view from the entryway:
My Christmas Eve outfit: 
See, red, sparkle and tartan!

A card that fit in perfectly with our decor.

Christmas Eve: Hot chocolate + peppermint bark, doesn't get much better!

And as I was setting up for our Christmas Day dinner.
The tree during the day:
Don't mind my angel topper, she was a bit lopsided this year but only because the tree was funky on top.
A few close-ups of my favorite ornaments:

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! XOXO

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SHF said...

Love all of the tartan and natural elements in your decor! It's perfect for the holidays.